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Nintendo Expected to Launch Next-Gen Switch 2 This Year


With more than 130 million units sold so far and considered the company’s best-selling handheld to date, Nintendo’s hybrid gaming tablet, the Switch is expected to get a new model soon as part of the next-gen cycle.

Beating the Nintendo Wii by a large share, the Switch has surely put the gaming company on the map and is now gearing up for the next update with the Switch 2 expected to launch soon this year. Having blockbuster games like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Super Mario Bros. Wonder as part of its 2023 lineup.

For years, there have been a string of rumours floating around about the Switch 2 and what it might look it. In some instances, it was referred to as the Switch Pro but now, those reports are being confirmed as true as Nintendo plans to launch the Switch 2 in 2024 with an 8-inch LCD screen.

The earlier Switch models had 6.2-inch and 7-inch OLED screens respectively but now the company is opting for an 8-inch LCD screen as the main choice though we are not sure whether it has anything to do with cost and pricing or technological aspects tied to it.

As we await the official word from Nintendo on its next device, supply chain analysis reports from Omdia’s Hiroshi Hayase suggest Nintendo’s next console will have a bigger screen than both the original Switch (6.2 inches) and the OLED model (7 inches).

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