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Samsung Makes New Phone Using Recycled Note 7 Parts

Samsung has said it will be starting to sell mobile phones made from the recycled parts of the Galaxy Note 7 handsets.

For 2,187,286 Uganda shillings (£469) which is three quarters of the original price of the Galaxy Note 7, the Galaxy Note Fan Edition (Note FE) will hit South Korean shelves this week.

Sales in South Korean will determine whether Samsung will start selling the new mobile phone overseas, says the company.

The Note FE will be made from the recycled parts from the recalled Galaxy Note 7 parts in October 2016 barely a month after the Note 7’s launch.

After a thorough internal and independent investigation, they found out the cause was in the faulty batteries that were made by two companies in Samsung’s supply chain.

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Samsung is now using recycled Galaxy Note 7 parts to build its new Note FE

A subsequent discontinuation of the Note 7 was issued by company after complaints of the second batch of Note 7s with replaced batteries were overheating.

Samsung Makes New Phone Using Recycled Note 7 Parts - Spur Magazine

Fire proof boxes were also availed to those who wanted to return their Note 7s by post.

Air passengers who owned and had the recalled phones were also urged to power off their phones during October 2016.

Samsung had an estimated company loss of £4.4bn in profits over the three financial quarters due to the recall and discontinuation of the phone.

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After more than three million Note 7s were recalled, environmental campaigners requested Samsung to reuse the parts of the recalled Note 7s to minimise waste.

Samsung said that this was also part of its efforts to minimise waste and unlike its last phone launch, the Note FE mobiles have perfect safety and initial production will run a limited 400,000 units.

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