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Telegram Using Emoji’s To Tighten Its Security


Telegram has recently upped its game on security ever since it was supposedly cracked by Russia’s state security agency during elections.

The chatting app which has become quite popular in the last few four years has its own security protocols. According to reports by Engadget, Telegram is changing from secure options to newer ones since the old ones have been under serious criticism.

Telegram has added voice calls as one of its core features, and these calls will be secured by emojis. The service is currently available in Western Europe and will soon be available to all users worldwide says Telegram.

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How does it work?

When a call connects, the participants are shown a set of four emojis. If both users find that they’re seeing the same group of emojis, the call is completely secure.

To make the system easy to use, Telegram picks its emojis from a pool of 333 characters “that all look quite different from one another and can be easily described in simple words in any language.” This means that there are nearly 12.3 billion possible four-emoji combinations.

Based on what we have gathered so far, the voice call feature is easy to use and won’t need much of expertise whatsoever.

The feature is available in the3.18 version app update and also adds an option for sharing video. Users can also adjust the quality of video before sending it to the recipient.

This is a great feature and it assures us how serious Telegram is about security. If you don’t have this amazing app on your phone yet, then I suggest you download it now. Its available on Android, Apple, Windows phones and on PC & Web.

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