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How to Deal with A Break Up

Dating is cool and these days, we are lonelier than ever with so many things going on in our lives that we need someone to just jazz with who understands and can help comfort us. That’s love.

Sadly, though, relationships don’t always work out. Sometimes you you lose the one you love the most or you just have to let go.

It maybe because you’re treated like crap, you are tired of all the lies, cheating, violence, insecurity or it’s just not working.

Whatever the case, moving on is easy for some cold blooded people and harder for others, things can get bloody.

You don’t just forget a person you pushed out with, spent a big part of your life with, created memories and planned a future with but there are some ways to deal with the fall out after the breakup.

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Let’s Help You Get Over That Bum with These Steps

1. Jazz with your buddy about it

Don’t be pissed and let the pain or regret eat you up inside even when you think you can handle it. Halla at a friend or friends and tell them all about. You need to hear from them, they’ll most likely comfort you and poke some fun at the guy or babe who mashed you.

It is better than you killing someone with all that rage. Though filter what they tell you, not all glittering advice is gold.

2. Get a hobby, pray & go out more

Find something to keep you busy and to get your mind off the break up. Go out with your buddies to the beach or club and dance it off, listen to music, read a book, pray, watch movies, visit those homies you always promised to visit. Have a great time and enjoy yourself.

At first it will be hard, but with time partying and chilling with the kyalis will help you get over it, you might even find a better more caring future date in the process.

3. Acceptance

Sometimes what is done is done, it has happened and that’s it. Chill history, let go and move. That time you accept the fact that your relationship has ended and there’s nothing you can do for it, just know you are already 95% closer to getting over the breakup.

4. Avoid drama on social media

Being on social media in the first days of breakup while friends with your ex on networks like Facebook is like chilling booze with a fridge still stocked with it.

Avoid it for a while so you don’t drown yourself with emotions or choke others with it. In extreme cases you can unfriend them if you have to so that their updates don’t dampen your mood.

5. It is a good and a learning curve

You are a beautiful person by the time you’re neshing with this, maybe you’ve been trying for a while but it was it is only you interested trying. Then this break up with your bae may have been what you needed to move on with your life.

Think positive, learn from it, learn forgive, let go, you might even get a more caring sweetheart, do better and be ready for such next time. Every fall is an experience, just like Albert Einstein said, “If you’ve not failed before then you’ve not tried something new.”

6. Drugs and boozing won’t help

Some fellas in depressing moments like these will immediately switch to the bottle, they are partly right; Bondo, Jack and Black Label might be more loyal than most people.

However, don’t put yourself in a situation you will regret later in your life. You could get high from the scotch or sadda and shame yourself so much that you wish you hadn’t or whatever you get laid by a stranger and get pregnant or nab an STD.

Have fun, club, booze in regulated amounts and let yourself be happy.

Break ups suck but remember pizza, pork, ziki, dubbing, beaches are much better than a broken record. So move on, be happy and take it one day at a time, the end of the road has roses.

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