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Rick Ross to Perform In UG Kenyan DJ Guchy Confirms


Uganda is about to go crazy as new reports of a possible Rick Ross concert happening right here in our own backyard were revealed by one of Kenya’s top promoters DJ Guchy.

According to Blizz, Kenyan promoter DJ Guchy has confirmed the concert and is soon flying in Rick Ross alongside his entire Maybach Music Group gang, making it their first appearance in the banana republic.

As the founder and CEO of The Blackspot International Group of Companies, DJ Guchy is known to be an international entertainment mogul, celebrity manager, producer and promoter. The famous DJ confirmed that the Rick Ross concert will be happening in March 2020.

Rick Ross made an appearance in Kenya two years ago for His Totally Sold Out Concert, and according to an exclusive interview with Big Eye, the American rapper is very excited about the Ugandan trip.

Rick Ross concert in Uganda confirmed by DJ Guchy

DJ Guchy has promised to give Ugandan’s one of the best concerts we have ever had and will make history. A total of 10 to 20 top Ugandan music artists and DJs are expected to perform at Rick Ross concert which has been set for March this year.

The Ugandan music artists and Djs expected to be part of this concert haven’t been confirmed yet but we definitely expect a number of them will be fighting for a seat at the top.

The anticipated concert will be handled by DJ Guchy and another telecom giant, which hasn’t been revealed yet. Other Ugandan household names like Swangz Avenue & Talent Africa are expected to be the major service providers for the upcoming big event.

The proceeds collected from the concert will go to the health workers who are risking their lives on the front line to battle the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The exact dates will be announced soon as they continue to monitor the pandemic.


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