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How to Offer a Better Customer Experience In Your Small Business


Customer experience is very crucial for small businesses. Entrepreneurs need to deliver a top-notch experience to their customers. A customer’s purchasing decisions are determined by the experience they got last when they visited your business.

Here are some ways how to rock your small business customer experience.

Ways of Improving the Customer Experience

1. Understand your Customers

There are different types of customers with different tastes and preferences. As a business owner, understanding your customers’ needs and wants helps you to connect with them. Learn from what they wanted and were not there, try to introduce or level up to meet the customer’s experience in the next visit.

2. Act upon Feedback

Feedback from both customers and employees helps you have ideas on how to improve the customer experience. Capture overall feedback and create a way your business can deliver exceptional services. Know the areas where the business is doing great and where improvements are needed.

3. Improve your Products and Services

Make sure what you sell is high quality that satisfies the customers. Customers will always come back according to the kind of service or product offered.

4. Ask for Customer Reviews

Once the customer gets your products or services, always follow up and ask for a review of their experience. For instance, many businesses today are done online through social media interactions. Customers may order products through last mile delivery solutions, make sure to do a follow-up of the customer experience as they will help in building trust with your ideal consumer. If the review is poor then you know exactly what you might want to consider fixing.

5. Create a Customer Experience Vision

Creating guiding principles helps you have a clear way of how the customers need to be treated. Business values help deliver better services and embrace change.

6. Be personable

Remembering your customers’ names and some information about them creates a long-lasting positive impression. It shows care for them, people like to be noticed and remembered. Many businesses keep records of customer birthdays with their newsletter subscription or memberships. They make sure to send out birthday messages with a small coupon in an effort to build long-lasting relationships with them.

7. Clear Communication

Communicate to your customers about any changes or how you deliver your services. Inform them of your open days, opening and closing hours, and price increments.

Importance of Customer Experience

How to Offer a Better Customer Experience In Your Small Business | Spurzine

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1. Helps Retain Customers

Creating an experience that satisfies and impresses the customer, keeps them coming back. You will begin to see positive results in your business; increased sales, and profits.

2. Promotes Loyalty

Customer service helps in developing brand loyalty. The more the customer loves your services, the more they will keep on buying from you. How you treat your customers will determine the consistency of their buying.

3. Encourages the Brand Advocacy

When customers gain trust in your products, they will always refer people to your business. Word of mouth is a way of marketing a business to other people. Creating good customer experiences creates an advocate out of every customer that you serve in your business. Business growth will be the outcome of the brand advocacy from your customers.

Effects of a Bad Customer Experience

1. Reputation Damage

Bad customer service can lead to damage to your business reputation. Customers can write on social media platforms about their encounters and frustrations. Try to provide good customer service to every customer, despite their preferences.

2. Loss of Both Current and Future Customers

How you handle your customers determines their decisions of coming back again. The negativity spreads very fast to existing and potential customers. Avoid bad poor services and aim at rectifying issues quickly.

3. Loss of Profits

Loss of customers leads to reduced sales and profits. This has a bad impact on the financial health of your business.

4. It may Lead to the Closure of Business

Customers are the ones that keep the business going. How you treat your customers determines the future of your business. Good customer service promotes business growth because they will keep on coming and bringing new customers. A bad customer experience will chase them away and as a result, they will spread negativity about your business leading to closure.


Small businesses should strive in offering a good customer experience to their customers. Customers are the main determinants of the business growth, the good services you provide the more customers and profits. Learning about improving the customers’ experience in a small business is significant.


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