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Azawi To Take Part In The Global YouTube Black Voices Class Of 2022

Azawi (Priscilla Zawedde) together with Nigeria’s Omah Lay are among the four African music artists that have been selected to represent Africa in the YouTube Black Voices class of 2022.

Having released her new album African Music just recently, Azawi is slowly stepping up in the East African music scene. Also, her new album was able to gather 3 million views on YouTube and top on Apple Music which is something amazing for her career.

As part of the Global #YOUTUBEBLACK VOICES FUND, YouTube launched the second music collective, the #YOUTUBEBLACK VOICES MUSIC CLASS OF 2022 which includes 54 artists, songwriters and producers from around the world.

The Class of 2021 participant, rapper/producer SLICK RICK, will serve as the inaugural “Mentor Member.” He’ll share his wisdom and experience with fellow grant recipients within educational and networking programs for the class.

YOUTUBE will work closely with the CLASS OF 2022 to provide partner support, seed funding to help develop their channels, bespoke training, workshops, and networking programs.

SLICK RICK said, “It’s an honour to partner with YOUTUBE via the #YOUTUBEBLACK VOICES FUND initiative to utilize my platform and art to share as an example of what endurance, the power of imagination and pure authenticity looks like.”

YouTube Global Head of Music Lyor Cohen added, “YouTube is still committed to amplifying Black voices and music on our platform, so we knew we had to go even bigger for the #YOUTUBEBLACK VOICES MUSIC CLASS OF 2022. We’ve added new members, new regions, and of course, the legendary SLICK RICK “The Ruler,” as our first-ever mentor member. Let’s continue walking the walk.”

Azawi and Omah Lay to represent Africa at the global YouTube Black Voices Class Of 2022

In the midst of the racial-justice protests that occurred in the United States last summer, the video company pledged a $100 million USD fund specifically dedicated to Black creators and investing in fresh narratives “that emphasizes the intellectual power, authenticity, dignity, and joy of Black voices.”

The class is said to be a development programme designed to directly support and mentor Black artists, songwriters and producers worldwide. It also aims at equipping up-and-coming Black artists, songwriters and producers with the resources to succeed on YouTube.

The class will be grouped into two programme streams: one for artists and one for songwriters and producers. Class participants will each receive dedicated partner support, seed funding to invest in the development of their channels, and opportunities to participate in training and networking programs focused on production, fan engagement and wellbeing.

Azawi, whose channel has over 3.8 million views, is best known for her hit song ‘Repeat It’ that attracted 2.3 million, Quinamo (1 million views), Slow Dancing (800,000 views) and her latest release ‘My Year’ that has since attracted 700,000 views.

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