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Hackers Threaten to Leak Game of Thrones Final Episode

A group of hackers who call themselves “Mr. Smith Group” have threatened to leak Game of Thrones Season 7 Final episode of 2017.

Mr. Smith Group who also hacked into the Twitter and Facebook accounts of Game of Thrones run by HBO guys. They allege that they have access to the Game of Thrones Season 7 episode 7 which is the last episode of the current 2017 season.

The GoT season 7 has thrown a lot of surprises for the GoT fans across the world over. According to the hackers, Mr. Smith Group, they have credentials for a number of HBO’s social media including the official HBO, Game of Thrones and Westworld accounts on Twitter.

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They also warned that they would release season 7 episode 7, the final episode a head of its official release on the 27th August 2017.

They told Mashable that they, “Have access to many HBO platforms already,” and warned audiences, “Be ready for GoT S7 E6 and E7 as soon as possible.”

However, Mashable did not attempt to verify the accuracy of the passwords but stated they have “no reason to doubt” the group’s threats after the previous GoT Season 7 leaks.

Hackers Threaten to Leak Game of Thrones Final Episode 1

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