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Marvel’s Nick Fury Getting His Own TV Show On Disney+

Marvel is on a serious drive to get some of its popular characters on big screen and now Nick Fury will be joining the likes of WandaVision, The Falcon and Winter Soldier, Loki to mention but a few with Samuel L Jackson taking on the role.

Marvel is expanding its universe over on Disney+ with a good number of shows joining the streaming platform. Apart from the ones mentioned earlier, the likes Black Widow and Eternals will also be joining the list though both shows have been delayed several times.

We are not sure which route the Nick Fury TV show will take, but we do expect something around his adventures and are possible role in setting up SWORD, an agency network.

Strange thing is, the last time we saw Nick Fury on screen was during the post-credits scene from Spider-Man: Far From Home film and top it off, he wasn’t even on earth. The other shocking event is that a Skrull had masqueraded himself as him and Agent Maria Hill while working alongside Spider-Man, a big plot twist many never saw coming.

A date for the show hasn’t been confirmed on Disney+ or when the events of the series will occur in the timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There’s isn’t enough information to go on and we can’t completely tell where the story will pick off from.

Fans have come up with certain plot timelines with some suggesting it will be based on Fury establishing S.W.O.R.D, an agency set up to monitor and observe the extraterrestrial activity. While others speculate a spy thriller.

Nick Fury TV show on its way to Disney+

There is also a possibility the TV show could start off from where Captain Marvel ended, showing Fury as a young agent at the time in the early 90s before he got his eye patch.

Or the show could show more about his time with the CIA and as an undercover agent working for the government before he ventures into the fighting extraterrestrial business. Well, the speculations are quite high and all we could do is wait.

A premiere date has not been set for the Nick Fury TV show, but it will debut on Disney+.

Source: Cinema Blend


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Marvel’s Nick Fury Getting His Own TV Show On Disney+ 1

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