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2 Characters from Extraction 2 Might Get a Spin Off Movie


Extraction 2 has been getting a lot of love lately and now there’s news about two fan-favourite characters from the movie having their own spin-off which seeks to expand on the Extraction storyline.

Extraction 2 has been received generally well, with many praising the second instalment for its fun and explosive action scenes including the well-done story too but what picked the interest of fans most was how the movie gave more screentime to some of their favourite characters, Nik (Golshifteh Farahani) and Yaz (Adam Bessa).

The director, Sam Hargrave, has teased a possibility of a spinoff movie happening giving a much deeper insight into Extraction’s characters Nik and Yaz since they have proved to be the sequel’s fan-favourite characters. After the release of the hit 2020 action film, Extraction 2 sees Chris Hemsworth return as mercenary Tyler Rake for a new mission which sees his close teammates Nik and Yaz get more involved.

Having had smaller roles in the first movie, Golshifteh Farahani’s Nik and Adam Bessa’s Yaz, two siblings, return to aid Rake in his mission, ultimately getting much more screen time which definitely caught the attention of the viewers.

In a recent interview with Collider, Hargrave teases that the world of Extraction could further expand with a Nik and Yaz spinoff, more so for Nik who has in particular been a popular character with audiences. Hargrave further stated that the success of the sequel has shown promise for the idea and could do it. Check his comments below;

“Here’s a fun kind of spoiler alert, we did this scene that was in and out, and it was out, and it was in – where Nik is talking, she brings in the strudels to the mom and kid who are in the bed in Vienna, and they have a talk about second chances.

“That was a scene that was kind of in, it was out, but we left it in because one, it means multiple meanings; she’s talking, yes, about the kid, but she’s also talking about Rake, and she’s also talking about the son. And we threw a line in there when she’s kind of empathizing with the mom, and saying, “I know what it feels like, I’ve been there,” and it’s subtle, it’s an Easter egg, but that’s kind of hinting towards her and Yaz’s own spinoff movie. So we’re gonna get to follow them.”

While a Nik & Yaz Extraction spinoff hasn’t officially gotten the green light from Netflix yet, there is a possibility that we might get to see the two siblings make a return in a prequel that explores the plot further based on Hargrave’s comments and hint at what it could entail.

After Yaz’s sad and emotional death in Extraction 2 which truly gutted the hearts of many viewers, any spinoff involving the character would likely have to be a prequel. Let’s hope we get to see the idea come to life soon as it would be interesting to see the two kick ass.

Extraction 2 has been a success for Netflix and there’s room for one more given how the movie ended which hinted at another one is already coming (no spoilers, go watch the movie :-D).


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