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Iryn Namubiru Returning to The Music Scene with New Album

One of Uganda’s top female musicians, Iryn Namubiru is currently putting final touches on her project, with her expected to reveal a new album soon.

Reports from Blizz suggest that the songstress is busy in the studio working on her album, and making sure everything is spot on. Iryn real names Irene Gladys Namubiru has been working on the project for a while now with the anticipated music album titled “Byokola.”

As the lockdown continues, music artists all over the country are facing it rough since most of the entertainment venues including concerts have been put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. It is during this time that most of them are expected to get creative and find ways of making a living while staying on the scene.

It is also a great opportunity for many music artists to take time off to work on their projects as they wait for the lockdown to be lifted by the government. Some are making use of YouTube and TV streaming platforms to keep active and entertain their fans, and others are working on their albums like Iryn.

Iryn recently shared about her album’s progress via Instagram in a post that read: “Great works in Progress! I can not wait for this Album to be finally Mastered! 🙏🙏💃 . #BYOKOLA,” 

Iryn Namubiru soon launching her Byokola album

Iryn Namubiru is considered as one of the best Ugandan female vocalists of all time, according to East African based Vocal pedagogy. She is also a talented recording and performing artist best known for her Afro-pop vibes.

She has over 12 accolades under her belt from the likes of Pam Awards, Diva Awards, and HiPipo Awards. She was nominated for and won several awards during the 2011 PAM Awards as the Artist of the Year, Best Female Artist, Best RnB Song and Best Album.

Iryn is also known for hit songs like ‘Byansi’, ‘Makanika’, ‘Tebiba Bingi’ and ‘Temperature’ to mention but a few. The date for the album release has been confirmed yet.

Source: Blizz Uganda

Watch Iryn Namubiru’s Byokola video right here


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