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Victor Ruz Shakes Up Afro Pop Scene With His Ndeese Love Song


Maybe it is too early to talk about New Year’s resolutions but if Victor Ruz has to make a few for 2021, they’ll have to involve building on what has been a very consistent 2020.

After attracting due attention for his efforts on Love Legend late last year, he backed up his claims for star status with the infectious Kikomando hit that established him as one to watch out for on the Ugandan Pop scene

Wajja Victor professionally known as Victor Ruz continues his journey to the top of the charts with Ndeese Love – a higher tempo release than his previous singles. The song was produced by One Blessing of Retro Records.

On this one, Ruz continues to somewhat depart from the slower-paced instrumentals that characterised his earlier releases but now has instead reverted to the catchy beats likely to earn him the attention of revellers in the bar.

It is, however, by no means, bubble gum. Instead, it manages to fuse elements of soft dancehall with the RnB melodies that have come to characterise this artiste’s music quite tastefully

The guitar strumming at the very start of the song gives it an irresistible vibe that doesn’t really go away until the end of the song. The beat then gradually rises in tempo as the song progresses before slowing down as the hook changes to the verses and reverting back to form.

Victor Ruz lays on his trademark lyricism, informing his love interest that he has brought her all the love she needs. He exhibits lyrical maturity beyond his tender years, especially on a very simplistic but memorable second verse, where he asks her to choose between going with him or remaining lonely before declaring her to be a garden in which he has sowed seeds of secrets from which he is expecting harvests.

Overall, Ndeese Love is a good song by a good artist with a rapidly growing fan base, which is perhaps indicative of how many people are having their aural taste buds tickled by Ruz.

Victor Ruz, is a Ugandan RnB, afro beat artist, and songwriter. He released his first music album made of 16 tracks titled Simple19 a while ago, where he featured artists such as Chosen Becky on the song “Akwagala” and several others.

Ndeese Love by Victor Ruz Video


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