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Ruth Ngendo and Sheebah Are Gearing Up for Something Big Very Soon


Ruth Ngendo and Sheebah Karungi have been working on something big for a while now and reports reaching our desk state that the two artists are gearing up for something big soon.

According to reports, Ruth Ngendo and Sheebah have been working on a collaboration project since last year, and very soon their fans will be having a glimpse of what has been in store for them.

The project that was dubbed as “Leeta”, which we believe could be the title of the song and video may soon be revealed next week and we are excited to see what the two talented artists have prepared for us.

Earlier this year in January, BBS Terefayina revealed that the two music artists had been working on a song together and had already shot a video together. During the interview, Ngendo was in tears and thankful for having of the one biggest stars in the industry featured in her song.

The fast-rising Ugandan musician Ruth Ngendo was overwhelmed by emotions after Karungi gave her a feature on a yet to be released song. She expressed her joy and Sheebah praised her for having a beautiful voice.

According to Ngendo during their interview with BSS Terefayina after their video shoot was done, “All I can say, thank you so much. Thank you, thank you, thank so much”, she said. “Sheebah is polite. She is calm. The way you see her here is what you get,” she added.

Sheebah responded back saying, “God bless you, enjoy your career. Whenever I make someone happy, it makes me happy. God put us on this earth for a purpose. To bless others through us, so I am not the one who brought this opportunity but rather God did.”

“You’re so beautiful and have a beautiful voice. Sometimes it’s not about talent but the platform. That’s why I want you to be perfect in everything so that people can see you for who you’re because you’re wonderful. You have a beautiful voice, and I remember telling you that in-studio too.” — Sheebah added.

Sheebah also expressed her views about how it is not easy for female music artists to break out in the industry and whenever she sees a new talent come up, she is touched and worried because she wants to see them reach their potential regardless of the challenges that lay ahead of them.

Ruth Ngendo and Sheebah to release a video soon

With the constant buzz raging around the streets, there’s a possibility that Ngendo will be dropping her highly anticipated video with Sheebah very soon this week and we are beyond excited to see what the two artists have in store for us.

We were able to grab some visuals from the video shoot showing both artists enjoying what we could call a fruit contest. It wasn’t about who has a better fruit but rather having two talented music artists work on something amazing together.

Who is Ruth Ngendo

Ngendo, 23, is a musician who is well versed in Urban Zouk and RnB music genres and is currently signed under gVisions Media. Ruth has become an artist to reckon with, having more than 5 beautiful songs and videos to her name with more on the way, her music career picked up when she released one of her best productions ever, ‘Matidde’ and later followed up with, ‘Nteredde’, which cemented her as a serious vocal powerhouse.

Aside from that, Ngendo has other tracks like Mpita, Baby Yoo, Byewunyisa, and her famous collaboration hit with Daddy Andre, Gwoka. She has adopted a good sense of style as an artist and draws admiration from her fans for both her music and fashion sense.

We look forward to seeing what these two amazing artists have prepared for us and we will keep updated on what’s going on.

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