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Sheebah Takes Center Stage Releasing 3 Songs On Valentines Day


Sheebah Karungi kept her promise to her fans today with a triple release for Valentine’s Day, dropping three new songs at once for the love birds and as a show of force to all her haters out there.

The three songs, which are titled Kika Buka, Only Girl and Nzijjukira were hinted at by the TNS Queen weeks before their release but no one thought she would actually drop all three tracks at once on one of the most controversial days of the year, Valentine’s Day as she had promised.

All three new songs are Afrobeat, which is Sheebah’s major strength when it comes to the kind of genre she is popularly known for. Kika Buka has that Afrodance beat to it which makes it a perfect party song and Only Girl on the other hand seems to be the only track that has a finer production sound to it making the song a perfect Afro Pop single. Lastly, Nzijjukira shares a lot in common with Kika Buka when it comes to the Afrobeat sound though it’s a love ballad.

For those celebrating and enjoying valentines, Sheebah’s triple release is like the perfect Valentine’s Day gift come true.

After reports of beef between Spice Diana and Sheebah surfaced last week after Spice released her song titled ‘Baligeya’ hinting at her haters including the Queen herself, things turned hot right away and now the TNS star has dropped three songs on Valentine’s to remind them of who is the boss.

Sheebah Karungi Drops 3 Songs at Once on Valentine’s Day

Sheebah also shared a number of videos on her Instagram a day before the premiere which kinda indirectly hinted at the current beef with Spice Diana. Check out the video where she says: Tombala Tombala…Sagala Kukusala Tompagala with the last statement meaning, “I don’t want to cut you so don’t sharpen me”.

The beef between the two stars started when Sheebah took the side of Ritah Dancehall, a vixen who had been detained by Spice Diana for allegedly defaming her and now the incident has left the once two close friends divided with fans taking sides and voicing out their opinions on social media as usual.

Soon after Spice Diana’s release of ‘Baligeya‘, Sheebah announced via her social media pages that she would drop three songs on Valentine’s Day as her way of toning things down a bit. Well, the TNS Queen finally came through with her promise and she ain’t backing down.


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