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Spotify for Work Is The New Cool Employee Perk Premium Service


Music streaming giant Spotify in collaboration with Accenture introduced a new premium service called Spotify for Work that is catered to employers and employees as a perk.

Just like health insurance and other employee benefits offered by companies to employees, Spotify for Work is the new cool perk on the block. According to Spotify’s press release, the premium service allows companies to offer Spotify Premium as an employee perk.

Spotify for Work will give employers of all types the opportunity to offer their employees the “power of audio to listen to” while concentrating at work, working out, cooking dinner, and everything in between said Spotify.

It’s hard to determine how many companies or employers within Uganda will be willing to jump on board and offer this kind of perk to their staff. However, looking at the work culture within the country where employee benefits are hard to come by, it would be a miracle if it became a standard.

“We know employers are always looking to offer competitive benefits to attract and retain top talent and provide additional value and experiences to reward their employees. That’s where ‘Spotify for Work’ comes in—it’s a modern benefit that has the potential to build a stronger sense of community at every company,” said Marc Hazan, Vice President of Freemium Partnerships and Business Development.

The new premium service, which was a collaboration with global professional services firm Accenture is already being rolled out as a new offering for their employees across Sweden, Latvia, and Lithuania.

“We are always looking for new ways to be an attractive employer. When the “Spotify for Work” proposition came about, we saw it as an interesting and relevant offer with multiple benefits for our people, so we explored whether it would be possible to become one of Spotify’s first collaborators.

We see a big potential in “Spotify for Work” on a global scale. It’s a great way to give employees the desired service so they can enjoy all the audio content available on the platform,” said Jan Jendeby, Managing Director at Accenture.

Spotify for Work presents itself as an attractive perk option for employers

The service, once taken on by an employer can be used during work, after work, and while commuting. The aim of the service is to help employees attain better focus, learn, or simply unwind. It presents itself as a good complement to the other offerings or employee benefits offered by companies to staff.

So, for companies that are looking for creative ways to attract and retain staff, the new service is a good way to start as it will “resonate with many employees across various demographics and roles,” says Jendeby.

In today’s quest for talent, all aspects of what we can offer to our employees, and potential candidates, are important. We believe that “Spotify for Work” is a compelling offering that will resonate with our employees and is well worth the modest investment by Accenture. – Jan Jendeby, Managing Director at Accenture

With Spotify continuously growing its user base, this new service is a wonderful way for it to increase its numbers even further and also tap into more users while allowing companies to offer it as an attractive employee perk.

Employers interested in signing up for the service to cover their employee’s Spotify subscriptions can email the streamer to learn more about the program as it expands.


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