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Stranger Things Season 2: Expect More Horror

Stranger Things, one of Netflix’s successful hits returns with a season two soon and if you loved the first one then expect to be blown away with a more engaging and horrifying story.

Stranger Things’ season 2 is expected to have more monster action than the first one and don’t expect to see the Demogorgon from season 1.

Well, the Demogorgon is probably dead and thank God we ain’t seeing that again since some of us nearly peed our pants just thinking about it.


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Based on reports by TVLine, the new season of Stranger Things promises to deliver more intense action and frightening creatures from another dimension for Season 2.

“Last season, a lot of the horror and a lot of what was happening with Will was off screen in the Upside down,” Ross Duffer said. “That’s not the case [in Season 2]. The horror is more up-close and personal.”
David Harbour


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Noah Schnapp, who plays the Upside Down abducted Will Byers, said Season 2 will be “darker and more eerie” while Finn Wolfhard, who plays Eleven’s BFF Mike, straight up lays it out: “scarier stuff happens,” he said.

But Matt Duffer insists that they also wanted to keep that Season 1 sense of fun alive, even if things are getting a little scarier. “We didn’t want to lose that sense of wonder,” he explained.

With all that said, we definitely expect Netflix’s hit wonder to deliver an awesome story and a new wave of monsters from another dimension.

Stranger Things Season 2 will debut on Netflix on October 31 and if you haven’t watched the first one, I totally recommend you do.

Stranger Things Season 2: Expect More Horror 1

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