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Uganda Asks: A Funny Satirical Series Premiers with a Provocative Pilot


Uganda Asks, a new web series aimed at Africa premiered today on Spurzine just a few days to the upcoming elections in Uganda this week.

The new, witty, and exciting web series by Spurzine Originals premiered simultaneously at 1 pm (EAT) on both YouTube and Facebook respectively bringing the audience a blend of new dark comedy and satire.

Uganda Asks is an online web series where the guests on the show answer strange and at times uncomfortable questions on various topics with no filters at all. Usually, these are questions or things you would think in your mind but rarely say out loud.

The show was commissioned and is distributed by Spurzine as part of their new ambitious direction to create more enriching and fun digital content for Africa.

In today’s pilot episode titled, “Is Flirting Cheating?” we get to watch Mr. Cliff Mugerwa in the spotlight as he schools us on the science of flirting and other things we probably would never think about.

We reached out to an excited Mr. Echodu Moses, the Executive producer for comment before the premiere and this is what he had to say, “We are gearing up for even crazier content that we hope viewers will love. This is our first season and depending on how it goes, we could push it even further”.

“This team is talented, super creative and innovative. Africa has no idea what is coming. We hope we can also provoke more conversations and entertainment on the continent. Just watch the space”, he added.

Uganda Asks sets itself apart with witty and fun engaging content

According to Derrick, the series’ creator and writer, we should expect a full season with certain episodes released in three-parts for each guest that appears on the show in the following days and weeks. Some guests may even get more parts.

The show is filmed and produced by Innovware Entertainment with the team comprising of Lawrence Kisuuki as the Director, Moses Echodu as the Executive Producer, Roy Cwinytado as the Director of Photography, Allan Bangirana and others whose roles and involvement will be revealed soon.1

Innovware Entertainment isn’t new to some people in the digital media space, they did bring us “The Kabalaza” an equally engaging light-hearted low budget web series on verandahs discussing trending events with a bit of humour. It was also a Spurzine distribution.

Uganda Asks is definitely going to make some waves and we hope they give us more content in the next months.

To catch up on the latest updates of the show, you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and also subscribe to their YouTube channel for more content.


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