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8 Goldfish Alternatives for Your Home Aquarium


Typically, an aquarium holds at least 30 gallons, but you can get one that only holds 5 gallons if space is limited. However, hobbyists know that your fish selection is smaller when using low-capacity tanks. These tanks usually range from 5 to 15 gallons, and the following fish are great options for them.

1. Betta Splendens

Almost everyone has seen a Betta fish, whether they kept it as a pet or saw it in a store. Since these fish are relatively low-maintenance, making them suitable for beginners. If you make sure the water stays crystal clear, your tank does not even need filtration.

Nevertheless, if your nano aquarium has a filter, keep it on unless it is bothering the fish. Also, you may not want to add a male Betta to the tank if other fish are in there already, as they can be aggressive.

8 Goldfish Alternatives for Your Home Aquarium | Spurzine

Betta Splendens (Credit: The Spruce Pets)

2. Celestial Pearl Danios

Celestial Pearl Danios are peace-loving fish and easy to take care of. Since they were discovered in 2006, hobbyists have been adopting them like crazy. Best of all, these fish are perfectly sized for small aquariums, only growing to about one inch.

Their deep blue body shimmers as if made of metal and covered with colourful spots. Usually, they prefer habitats with lots of rocks, plants, and driftwood. In addition, you should get them in groups of at least six, or their school size will be too small.

8 Goldfish Alternatives for Your Home Aquarium | Spurzine

Celestial Pearl Danios (Credit: Practical Fishkeeping)

3. Neon Tetras

Neon Tetras prefer being in schools of at least five other species members. Unfortunately, they do not get along with other species very well, so try not to put them in occupied tanks. Furthermore, they tend to be sensitive, making water quality essential.

Consequently, it would be beneficial to purchase a freshwater testing kit. As long as you are testing the water frequently, you will notice if the quality is decreasing and be able to react.

8 Goldfish Alternatives for Your Home Aquarium | Spurzine

Neon Tetras (Credit: Wikipedia)

4. Golden Dwarf Barbs

Among the lesser-known barbs, the golden dwarf is great for 10-gallon tanks. Normally, they will not grow larger than one and a half inches. In the wild, the Golden Dwarf Barb is found in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

You can identify them via their golden-yellow colouring and signature black markings. Keep them in schools of at least five other fish, and limit their exposure to other species.

8 Goldfish Alternatives for Your Home Aquarium | Spurzine

Golden Dwarf Barbs (Credit: Badman’s Tropical Fish)

5. Dwarf Gourami

As anabantids, Gouramis can breathe air from above the water. Therefore, they can be put in water with lower oxygen concentrations and survive. Even though they can live there, you should still monitor the water’s quality.

Since Gouramis are semi-aggressive, do not store them in tanks with other fish to be safe. Moreover, they should not be in tanks smaller than 5 gallons, or they will not do well.

8 Goldfish Alternatives for Your Home Aquarium | Spurzine

Dwarf Gourami (Credit: BeChewy)

6. Pygmy Corydoras

The Pygmy Corydoras are relatively peaceful fish, and they belong in schools of at least 10. You can recognize them by their iridescent colouring and a horizontal black line. Before getting them, decorate the tank with tons of plants, creating many hiding spots.

Likewise, they prefer sandy substrates, and they use them to protect their barbels. Be prepared for some maintenance since these fish are sensitive to nitrate levels. As such, they require weekly water changes, or they might have issues.

8 Goldfish Alternatives for Your Home Aquarium | Spurzine

Pygmy Corydoras (Credit: Practical Fishkeeping)

7. Zebra Danio

The Zebra Danio loves schools of five fish or more, and they are pretty hardy pets. These have been genetically modified to develop neon-like colourings.

Fish owners can use them to add a little creative expression to their tanks if desired. Still, water management is important even though they are among the hardier species.

8 Goldfish Alternatives for Your Home Aquarium | Spurzine

Zebra Danio (Credit: Encyclopedia Britannica)

8. Guppies

Guppies are an ideal pet when you are just beginning as a fish enthusiast. They are so easy to care for they will breed without additional assistance, so be careful. If you decide to get some, make sure they are all of the same sex, or they could overpopulate the tank.

8 Goldfish Alternatives for Your Home Aquarium | Spurzine

Guppies (Credit: Britannica Kids)

Choosing Suitable Pets for Small Aquariums

Keeping fish in a small-sized tank is not hard, but you need to select the fish carefully. Otherwise, they will not thrive as they should, and they may perish.


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