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How to Create An Amazing Home Sauna Experience


Saunas are gaining in popularity every year, driven by an increased number of celebrity devotees and their numerous health benefits. There is also a more prominent emphasis on well-being and self-care following the Covid-19 pandemic, with a sauna the perfect solution – offering benefits such as improving physical and mental health.

And now, home saunas are becoming more affordable every year, with advances in technology meaning you can install one in your home for a low cost. However, not everyone is able to afford these prices, which is why the team at UK Saunas has put together a guide on a budget home sauna experience for any household.


The most essential tool for the ultimate home sauna experience is steam, which helps to promote relaxation and reduce stress. The easiest way to incorporate steam is by shutting your bathroom door, turning the shower on a high heat and blocking any gaps. This can be done by placing towels, blankets or any other suitable materials underneath your door and window, meaning all the steam is locked into the space.

Alternatively, you can also use a humidifier to add extra steam, just make sure to be careful to ensure all electronics are safely out of the way from running water.


All of the relaxing elements of your home sauna will be negated if you’re uncomfortable, but there are several ways to make your bathroom a cosy space. The first step is cleaning away any clutter and adding soft elements, such as placing blankets, towels and pillows on the floor so you can lie down or sit in a comfortable position. You should also make sure to bring in plenty of fluids, as staying hydrated is essential for replacing any lost liquids with sweat.

Essential Oils

How to Create An Amazing Home Sauna Experience | Spurzine

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Renowned for their therapeutic and medicinal properties, essential oils can easily transform a pleasant home sauna experience into a luxury one. There are also many different ways you can incorporate essential oils into your experience, such as by diffusing them or massaging them directly onto your skin.

We’ve put together a guide of some of the best oils for your home sauna experience, as follows:

  • Lavender: this has several different uses, ranging from calming and relaxing to improving your quality of sleep, muscle tension and even headaches.
  • Lemon: a refreshing citrus scent that can help to energise and refresh you, alongside improving your mood and aiding any stress and anxiety.
  • Frankincense: not only anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving, but Frankincense can also help to relieve any congestion, meaning it’s a great way to clear your nasal passages when you have a cold.
  • Chamomile: a great way to relieve skin conditions, soothe aches and pains and get some sleep, chamomile is moreover an excellent way to moisturise your skin, which is a great asset after a sauna session.
  • Cinnamon: with several benefits ranging from boosting your circulation, mood and metabolism to anti-inflammatory properties and relieving exhaustion, cinnamon not only smells great but does wonders for your well-being.

Soft Lighting

Ambient lighting is an excellent way to elevate your home sauna experience. You can do so by making permanent yet low-cost changes to your bathroom, such as installing dimmer switches, indirect lighting and natural fixtures, but there are also many easy, quick fixes. Another alternative is a Himalayan salt lamp, as these are also renowned for health benefits while offering a peaceful yet inviting glow.

For example, you can use a large number of candles, especially scented versions, as these will help to foster a peaceful environment. Alternatively, you can also switch out the light bulbs in your bathroom lighting to warm bulbs – we recommend selecting units that produce yellow or orange light, as these are the most soothing.

Peace & Quiet

No sauna experience is complete without actually relaxing! If your space is loud or uncomfortable, you will not benefit from the physical or mental health benefits of your ‘sauna’. However, if you need to block out noise, you can easily do so by introducing a sound system or even waterproof headphones. These will allow you to fully commit to the experience and maximise benefits, including:

  1. Sleep better, as your body increases melatonin, the sleep-regulating hormone, and improves your circadian rhythm by helping you to relax.
  2. Reduced stress, with sauna use proven to trigger the release of endorphins and feel-good chemicals that allow you to unwind.
  3. Improving your cardiovascular health, as regularly using saunas can help to improve your heart by increasing the flow of blood, lowering your blood pressure and even helping to minimise inflammation.
  4. Seeing improvements in the health of your skin, as saunas both help to promote collagen production and how much blood flows to the skin.

By immersing yourself in the experience and trying some of our tips, your sauna has the potential to be on par with any top-of-the-range spa or hotel – all in the comfort of your own home.


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