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Restoring Old Furniture? Here’s What You Will Need


If you have old furniture, it doesn’t mean you cannot restore the furniture to its original condition. Some people may prefer giving out old furniture. Others may discard them and buy new furniture.

There is an alternative that involves restoring the old furniture. If you are interested in old furniture restoration, here are a few tips on what you may need.

8 Tips to Restoring Old Furniture

1. Sandpaper

Sandpaper is essential for the restoration of wooden furniture. Use appropriate sandpaper that can provide you with a smooth, shiny finish. Dust your furniture and slowly scrub the wooden parts using sandpaper. It will help you get rid of the old painting to allow room for a repaint.

By removing the old painting, you minimize the chances of painting on another layer that could impact the final outlook. Sandpaper works well for lacquer, multiple paint coats, and vanish, which might be difficult to remove. You can handstand the area or use an electric sander to save time and increase efficiency.

2. Paint

When you are done sanding, it is time for the paint. Choose paint that is suitable for the type of wood. This will help you to achieve a smooth and polished look. Apply the paint, allowing drying time, and plastic wrap to bring out a smooth finish.

A sealant should be used after painting to ensure the furniture lasts longer. You will also need different-sized brushes for different surfaces like dusting brushes, slipper brushes, and roller brushes. These are essential when you are sanding and painting your furniture. It would be best to have painters drop cloth to protect your walls and other furniture from paint spills.

3. Nail Gun

A nail gun can replace loose or missing nails in the furniture. You may use wood glue for larger areas that need to be fixed. The nail gun will help you fix the furniture depending on the extent of the damage.

It is important to ensure that nails are well-placed in their appropriate position. One should not over-drive the other. Also, do not use a nail gun with unprotected hands. Get hard leather gloves for safety.

4. Wood Putty and Putty Knife

If you see a crack on your furniture or a hole, use wood putty to fix it. Use the putty knife to smooth the surface to an even finish. It will be easy for paint to stick and eliminate any signs of cracks and holes.

You may also need to replace a missing drawer knob or other hardware. Either buy the new hardware, or you may choose to buy used hardware. Ensuring you place the screws in a way that allows them to stack straight up will help you avoid assembling misaligned parts.

Restoring Old Furniture? Here's What You Will Need | Spurzine

Putty knife and the wooden floor.

5. Primer

You need to have the right primer and paint to achieve a professional finish. To avoid too much work, you must look for the right primer to cover the existing colour. If you are painting a large furniture area, use paint with a high coverage rate.

6. Wax

Wax will help protect your restored furniture. Purchase furniture wax that is suitable for your furniture and one that will provide strong protection against moisture, scratches, dust, dirt, and stains.

To bring out a glossy finish, you can use wax polishes for your restored furniture to make it look beautiful and glossy looking for a long time. Depending on its use, it can be used on wood pieces and metals, glasses, dishes, and more.

7. Varnish

Apply the varnish after the furniture is fully dry. This will stop the paint from chipping and help to keep it in good condition. Also, this will make your furniture look shiny and new.

8. Tack Cloth and Lint-free Cloth

To remove dust on your furniture, you can use a tack cloth and a lint-free cloth. You can also use your hand to brush off perspiration and other dirt from the surfaces. It is not safe to use your fingers as they may be prone to stick with the varnish and then cause it to chip.


To make old furniture look new, you may choose to restore it to its original state. You can use sandpaper and paint to make the old furniture look brand new. It is important not to strip the furniture completely of its age and looks. In this case, you may prefer repainting your old furniture instead. However, you must replace missing nails or damaged parts before stripping the old paint off.


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