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7 Things You Need to Consider Before Shifting to a New Home


Shifting or moving to a new home can be stressful sometimes not forgetting the recent events brought about by the pandemic and other factors that have made the housing market even more expensive these days.

One also has to know what kind of budget they are working with including other important details before they can decide on shifting to a new place. If you have been thinking about moving, either to a new town, city, district or just a new home, your budget will matter a lot.

In today’s piece, we are going to share with you some of the most important things you should consider before moving to another house or location.

1. Reduce Your Spending

As soon as you’re serious about moving, stop spending money like the world is ending tomorrow. Carefully plan your budget and consider using whatever you have left at your current home before shopping for the next one.

That includes food and other small essential items like soap, toothpaste and clothing or linen that you use daily in the home. This is the best time to plan for whatever you have left and use it well before you stock up for the new house to save on resources and money.

2. Know the Reason Why You’re Shifting

Don’t shift out of excitement just because you liked how the other house looked or because most of your friends are staying in those posh neighbourhoods and you want to be part of the “rich and we made it” gang.

Before moving to another place, you need to ask yourself a few serious questions first. For example, why are you moving? Do you need more or less space? Maybe the area you’re living in isn’t secure enough. Having your “why” in mind will make it easy for you to justify your reason for moving.

3. Find a New Home That Suits Your Needs

With your why in mind, take a look at what works in your current home. You may desperately need another bedroom or desire to have a larger kitchen. Whatever the reason may be, always consider it when looking at new homes or locations.

You can also talk to your friends or ask around to see if there are good houses or locations that suit your needs. You should also be careful when dealing with brokers. Some of them are bafele (conmen) and tend to ask for broker fees that are high and make no sense at all.

4. Move What You Love and Need

Most times as we prepare to move, we tend to pack or take things from the previous place that are either useless or no longer needed. You need to be honest with yourself and ensure that you move what you only need.

In case some of the things you have are big for example, a dining set, or a large bed then you have to plan for them in advance and ensure that the next house you’re about to move in can accommodate them or sell them off to get something else.

Aside from that, remember to hire movers that are skilled in moving older or more fragile things. Your transportation budget also has to cater for such items or you will incur more costs.

5. Sell Your Current Home

If you’re one of those wealthy landlords and already have a house of your own, then you need to get your current home on the market as soon as possible. Or, you can rent out your house so as to generate side income.

Be open to all types of buyers; and if you must sell quickly and live somewhere like in the United States, San Antonio cash home buyers can take a lot of stress off of you and your family.

6. Pack with Intention

Shifting to Another Place Should Be Easy If You Follow These 7 Tips | Spurzine
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Moving experts, the world over will recommend that you declutter as you go. However, decluttering is mentally exhausting; everything you handle will require a decision, and decisions are tiring. Enter each space with a;

  • black bag for things to be thrown out
  • white bag for donation or items that can be sold off
  • box or bin for things you want to move with you

Following the above packing tips will make your shifting process much easier and probably even reduce the costs for transportation or free up space that could have been taken up by useless stuff.

7. Make Use of Volunteers

When people find out you’re moving, they may offer to help. Take them up on the offer! Volunteers can help by;

  • covering your moving sale
  • hosting you for dinner as you pack up your kitchen
  • dropping off donation items to get them out of your way

Closing Thoughts

The faster you have to move, the more stress you will face. If you can get a contract on your new home quickly and get a sale of your current home arranged without doing a lot of repairs or improvements, you can enjoy a much more manageable move.


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