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Game Night Will Never Be Fun Unless You Do This


It is always fun to host a game night with friends and family, especially when you are planning an in-person gathering. Why not host a game night that everyone is sure to remember?

Whether you want to provide snacks or prizes, it is easy to plan a successful game night. To help you plan your event, here are five ways to bring more fun to your next game night.

Provide Food and Beverages

Start by building a simple but tasty menu for your game night. You do not have to cook a seven-course meal or anything fancy. The key is to ensure there is enough food and beverages within reach to keep your guests well-fed. Appetizers, finger food, soft drinks and water are enough to keep your guests happy as they play games.

Another idea is to ask your guests to bring something from a shop or a homemade dish for everyone to enjoy. Of course, you can never go wrong with ordering a few pizzas and beverages.

Use a Creative Theme for the Game Night

You can add to the fun of your next game night by decorating the table to fit the theme. For example, you may want to fill a clear vase with dice or create place settings with Scrabble or Monopoly pieces. You may even be able to find a tablecloth in a checkered pattern to resemble a checker or chessboard.

If you are playing card games such as Poker and Black Jack or just a simple matatu game, go the extra mile with a card tabletop. Of course, you want to ensure enough space on your table for your guests to game comfortably. Therefore, it is best to keep your table decorations to just a few festive pieces.

Offer a Variety of Games

Game nights can go on for several hours, so you want to offer a good selection of games. Various games make it easier to choose something everyone would like to play, and you can rotate between your guests’ favourites. You can even add a few card games to the selection to give everyone more choices. Of course, you want to avoid overwhelming your guests with too many games.

One idea is to ask your guests for game suggestions in advance. This way, you can create a selection based on their recommendations while leaving the undesired games in the closet. However, you want to remain flexible by making sure you can get to those games if need be.

Consider a Customized Game

Game Night Will Never Be Fun Unless You Do This | Spurzine

If you really want your event to stand out from the crowd, look into custom board games. There are companies that allow you to customize classics such as Monopoly, Bingo, and Scrabble. While the rules of the game remain the same, you can have the board customized with a photo to add a personal touch.

This is perfect for holidays, family gatherings, and team-building events, but a customized game board adds more fun to an ordinary game night as well.

Award Winners with Small Prizes

You can also award the winner of each game with small prizes such as snacks, mobile airtime or anything you feel comfortable with. The prizes should be simple but appealing, but you do not have to break the bank to shop for prizes for your game night. Don’t go buying iPhones for everyone just because you want to be a people pleaser and end up broke.

Your winners are sure to appreciate receiving anything at all, especially if it is an unexpected prize. If you want to treat all players to a small gift, you can always put together favour bags with snacks. Prizes are optional because many adults just enjoy a good game, but prizes are also a great way to add to the fun.


Your game night does not have to be an ordinary event. With snacks, decorations, custom boards, and prizes, you can easily create a night to remember for all your guests. After all, you want your guests to return for another game night in the future. When you take the time to host a fun, successful game night, your home is sure to become your friends’ favourite spot to play games.


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