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Should You Insure Your Engagement Ring?


Your engagement ring is a symbol of love and commitment from your partner. Therefore, getting lost, stolen, or damaged can be devastating. In order to avoid all the stress that comes with losing your engagement ring, you can choose to insure it.

Well, we know it sounds crazy but it’s actually worth it especially if your engagement ring is expensive. Imagine someone snatching it from you or literally beating you up just to steal your gorgeous ring.

Yeah, these things don’t happen often but they do which is why having an insured engagement ring with a ring insurance company to ensure it is financially covered is a smart move. The following are the reasons why you should consider insuring your engagement ring.

1. To Safeguard the Value of Your Engagement Ring

Engagement rings can be expensive, and misplacing them can be a considerable loss. Engagement ring insurance can help protect this value because you are assured of payment if it gets lost. Insuring your ring with a jewellery insurance company is much more convenient than insuring it with a home insurance company.

A jewellery insurance company ensures that it covers all types of rings regardless of their value and all costs associated with repairing and recreating damaged rings. However, home insurance companies limit how much to refund you if your ring gets lost or stolen.

2. Your Ring Is Covered from Loss or Theft

If you know yourself to be good at losing things or even destroying them, then it’s safe to have your engagement ring insured as it can easily be lost or misplaced when bathing, swimming, or cooking. It can also fall in one of those dark trenches, a garbage bin, or a place you cannot recover.

There is also the issue of theft. Thieves on the street can mug you, or burglars can break into your house and take off with your ring. Fortunately, you won’t need to worry so much since you’re assured of payment by the ring insurance company if anything goes wrong.

3. It Is Affordable

Most jewellery insurance companies have flexible and reasonable premiums which are affordable as they consist of only a small percentage of the actual value of your engagement ring. Also, most of them have simple procedures to follow when you want to cover your ring.

Another advantage is that their policies ensure that you are fully paid in the event that your ring is lost or stolen. Make sure to have copies of your receipts, photos, certificates and other documents with information about your ring to make the claim process easy.

Should You Insure Your Engagement Ring? | Spurzine

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4. Your Ring Is Covered from Accidents

Covering your engagement ring from accidents is ideal as accidents are bound to happen. Even if your responsibility is top-notch, anything can happen to it, which may be against your control. Since rings are delicate, they only take a small incident to get ruined.

You can fall or grind your ring against a rough wall, which can result in your ring getting chipped and scratched. Your ring can also slip and fall when your friends admire it, and it can lose a diamond or gemstone in the process.

5. It Helps in Protecting Your Emotions

Your engagement ring represents a long-lasting promise and dedication from your partner. It can also be a family antique and may have sentimental value to the whole family. Therefore, losing the ring can be frustrating not only to you but to your partner as well.

Even though you may not recover your engagement ring, having covered it with an insurance company gives you an opportunity of recreating the ring at an affordable price. You are also assured of full payment of the ring, which can be relieving, especially if your partner paid a lot of dimes for it.

Your engagement ring is one of the most valuable assets, and taking an insurance cover is the only way to ensure it is protected. Therefore, insuring it is always a responsible thing to do. Also, apart from your ring, you can cover your anniversary presents, wedding bands, and other valuable jewellery.


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