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Hollywood Goes Crazy For Twins

It is hard to miss the bustling good news from several celebrity couples expecting either twins or triplets recently. It has become so common it is hard to consider it as a coincidence.

Hollywood is known for always popularising the things we see everyday but never really trend, such as Movember which got almost every star rocking a beard, then the gym and fitness craze, Raybans and so much more.

They now just jumped on the bandwagon of birthing twins!

First popular announcement was 43 year old American music artist and rapper Pharrell Williams who announced he became a father to triplets with his wife, Helen Lasichanh.

Hollywood Goes Crazy For Twins - Spur Magazine
Pharrell Williams & Helen Lasichanh expecting triplets

Shortly later, Jay Z and his golden jewel, Beyonce announced that she was pregnant and will be expecting twins. She took baby bump photos which made incredible rounds all over the internet especially social media like Instagram until her scandal for stealing songs dampened the mood a little.


Copy Much? Beyonce Sued For Stealing Youtube Singer’s Songs & Videos!


Madonna who is now 58 years old also quickly went to Malawi to adopt twins, 4 year old Stella and Esther who lost their mother. She was granted legal permission to adopt the twins by the Lilongwe court.

Not less than a day away, George Clooney 55 years old and 39-year old Amal Clooney announced that they were expecting twins. It came as a surprise to them as well since they have been trying to have a child for a while now and had planned for one but will make due.

Is all this coincidence or intentional? Could this be the new Hollywood trend to boost population growth and encourage twin conception?

Some think it is use of fertility treatments, others think it is the IVF (egg and sperm are joined from outside then inserted) which is similar to artificial insemination and of course we can miss the illuminati fanatics.

Whatever it is, let’s watch and see who else will surprise us with news of twins this year!

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