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Juliana Copies Jennifer Lopez & Beyonce in New Video

Juliana Kanyomozi released her video for a spanking new track, I’m Still Here yesterday March, 30th and we watched it but we noticed a few relations to Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce’s music videos just like many did.

The song is great with the video shot in South Africa that it immediately ranked up to the number one trending video on YouTube as of today.

What is the fuss, what parts of Juliana’s song are related to JLO and Beyonce’s own songs?

Do you remember Jennifer Lopez’s Ain’t Your Momma song? There is a scene exactly like it where Juliana is cleaning up the floor in an apron with a head band and gloves.

Jennifer Lopez made the video and song to debunk misconceptions that beautiful women don’t work or do households chores. To breakdown stereotypes and empower women.


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There are also some aspects that might point to Beyonce’s “Pretty Hurts“, the scene where Juliana is standing with a “Miss Uganda” ribbon just like Beyonce did to symbolise beauty and other achievements.

The trophies and darkness to the room weren’t spared either.

Maybe it was just an illuminati thing, after all Juliana is shown holding a book with reverse pages with the cover probably inscribed in Hebrew or Aramaic. Hebrew and Aramaic have letters very similar to Arabic.

Juliana Kanyomozi Reading Hebrew Book in Im Still Here Music Video - Spur Magazine
Juliana Kanyomozi Reading Hebrew Book in Im Still Here Music Video – Spur Magazine

Many haters are taking to social media to claim that she copied the songs of others in popular music culture, but did she? Or she simply borrowed a few ideas like they did. Since Jennifer Lopez copied the cleaning stunt from others before her too.

You can take a look at the images, plus the videos and judge for yourself and let us know what you think.



Linked Video: I’m Still Here – Juliana Kanyomozi


Ain’t Your Momma – Jennifer Lopez


Pretty Hurts – Beyonce Knowles

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