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Russian Reality Show to Allow Murder & Rape

We watched movies like Gerard Butler’s ‘’The Gamer’’ and Stone Cold Steve Austin’s ‘’The Condemned’’. Randy Orton’s Condemned 2 sucked, but you get the idea. Russia is taking the lead and making these movies real.

The Russian reality show ‘’The Game 2: Winter’’ will send 30 contestants into the -40°F cold Siberian Wilderness which is about 900 hectares with wolves. No, Kabale would even feel warm compared to this.

There will be 20,000 cameras recording all the bloody scenes for 9 months as contestants survive to win the prize of Shs. 5.7 Billion an equivalent of $1.6 million.

They are required to sign a waiver accepting that they might not survive the game and consent to the possibility of being killed or maimed. You could also be arrested for the crimes you commit there.

The show will begin in 2017 and is to stream 24/7 internationally. 60 people have already applied including 1 American.

Someone represent Uganda, be our Gaetano in Siberia.

In other news: Makerere University Sets Opening date.

Russian Reality Show to Allow Murder & Rape 1

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