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Wenger’s Future at Arsenal Not Secure

Arsenal has been going through a rough patch and that’s clearly seen with its current performance not forgetting a hoard of hungry fans and displeased players that want Arsene Wenger gone.

A lot of drama is going on in the locker room as some players want Wenger to stay while others feel its time he threw in the wet towel.

Based on reports by Talk Sport, Alan Shearer made his thoughts about the matter known when he claimed that the Gunner stars want Wenger gone.

According to Alan Shearer, the Newcastle United legend. He insists that with the way Leicester’s players took down Claudio Ranieri, just as Chelsea’s did last season with Joe Mourinho. The same ending may occur at Arsenal.


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Writing in The Sun, he said: “If anyone wondered what that squad thought about their manager, they got their answer on Saturday [at West Bromwich Albion, where the Gunners lost 3-1].

“What I saw at The Hawthorns was exactly what I saw with Leicester and Claudio Ranieri, and exactly what I saw last season with Chelsea and Jose Mourinho. And that’s been happening for the past month at Arsenal.

After reading that, do you think the old man who has been Arsenal’s longest serving manager for 17 years still stands a chance of redeeming himself? We can’t be sure either.

Wenger is reported to be ready to sign a new two-year deal after revealing at the weekend he had made up his mind regarding his future and that an announcement would be made “very soon”.

Since now Arsenal is out of the Champions League and this year’s Premier League title race seems difficult to attain, they have only the FA Cup semi-finals, where Manchester City await.

France striker Giroud, told Canal Plus: “We want Arsene Wenger to renew his contract, to continue his adventure, because we support him.

We hope we can win the cup and that Arsenal qualify for the Champions League.”

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