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Reasons Why Uganda Cranes Star Hassan Wasswa Retired from the National Team

Uganda was shocked by the news of Hassan Wasswa Mawanda retiring from the national team of the Uganda Cranes after playing for his country for over 13 good years. The star made the announcement a few days ago on his social media.

After representing his country at the international and world level, Hassan Wasswa decided to call it quits on Friday 9 April 2021 in what he described as a painful decision.

Hassan Wasswa has been an influential player for Uganda Cranes and has on many occasions proved himself worthy of the team but now that all comes to an end after he revealed his reasons for retiring from the national team. 

Hassan was a talented player who regarded the sport with the highest standards, passion and perseverance. He was a versatile football star who could play both as a defender and a midfielder. According to him, he decided to end his national team career having conceded to the fact that he can no longer play and compete favourably.

It was on Friday last week that Hassan Wasswa Mawanda issued a statement through his socials affirming how he has ended his national team career with immediate effect. According to the star player, he was no longer able to adhere to the “unwavering standard” of excellence that professional football demands of him.

Part of his statement read:

“Today is a difficult day for me, but it is also a day of reflection and gratitude. Playing for Cranes has been a tremendous honour. During my 13 years as a Cranes player, I’ve always pursued success and winning football games, while preparing and training with the highest standards of competition, passion and perseverance. It has been an honour to represent my family, my teammates and the people of Uganda.

With much sadness but without regret, I realize that I am no longer able to adhere to the unwavering standard of excellence that professional football demands. I say this with a heavy heart: I am retiring from the National team. I love the game of football so much, and I know there is truly only one acceptable way to play.

Knowing I can no longer compete at a level that I find acceptable, I have chosen to end my Cranes career. This decision is mine alone, and although I know this will not bring me happiness, it is the right and honourable action to take at this time in my life. I cherished every moment of my time with the National Team, and it has been such a blessing to play the game for as long as I have played. I anxiously look forward to the next Cranes engagement, but this time with the sole focus of being a great fan.”

Hassan Wasswa retiring from the National Team shocked many fans

In his statement, Hassan thanks the management, fans, team and his family for all the support they gave him during his professional career as a footballer. His statement further reads;

“Reflecting on my 13 years with the Cranes, and all that was required to reach my current situation, reminded me of the many people I owe humble, sincere gratitude.

My parents provided me with the perfect combination of love and discipline and taught me what hard work and persistence truly are. All that I am, and everything I have done, is because of them. Every time I put on that Cranes uniform, I have always strived to honour them and the principles they stand for, and I can only hope that I haven’t let them down.

The coaches I have learned from and played for as a Cranes player has been nothing short of outstanding. It was an absolute privilege to play for all of them, from Coach Lazio Csaba in 2006 to Coach Jonathan McKinstry during my final time. All of the assistant coaches and the entire technical team were absolutely devoted to helping me perform to the best of my abilities. Thank you for your effort and dedication. It was an honour to play for you.

To my exceptional teammates, former and current, I owe you everything. I look forward to addressing you formally and privately at a later time, but please know that I love and respect all of you, and not having the opportunity to be around you is what will hurt most of all. Forming friendships and unbreakable bonds of trust on the field is what makes football so special and so important to me. When reminiscing on my Cranes career, I won’t think about games won or lost, but rather, I know I will think about you and the time we shared together, the trust and love we had for each other and the unwavering willingness we had to help each other succeed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I thank ALLAH every day for all that He has given me: my family, my friends, my teammates and for making me Ugandan. Today, I would like to thank God for having been given an opportunity to play for Cranes, and for allowing me the privilege of a 13-year professional football career.”- Hassan Wasswa Mawanda.

We don’t know what’s next for Hassan Wasswa, or whether he plans to coach a team of his own one day but we sincerely wish him all the best. It has been an honour see him play for our country all these years. 


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