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Red Star Shoots Down Liverpool

Red Star shocked football fans across the globe today when it took down Liverpool in match that saw it win 2-0 against the formidable giants.

What seemed like an easy win for Liverpool turned into an horrific moment as their Champion League dreams were left hanging in a balance.

“You could see that a few things were not going too well,” according to Jurgen Klopp as he told BT Sport. “We had a chance and they defended on the line after two headers from us. They scored a goal and then completely out of the blue they scored a second and the atmosphere completely changed.

“The second half was really dominant but we didn’t score. Sadio and Mo’s chance was saved. If we scored with one of them the game would maybe have completely changed. That’s not what we wanted and we’ll throw everything at the next two games, but I have no big speech to give you just 10 minutes after the game. The boys are very disappointed, I’m disappointed and we have to do better. We have to do better.”

The man of the match was Milan Pavkov as he netted in two goals against the Red’s in the 22nd and 29th minute of the first half changing the entire pace of the game.

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