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Classic Pingu Cartoon Creator Dies at 88

On Friday 18th May in Cremona, La Repubblica reported the death of the 88-year old Antonio Lupatelli the man behind the classic Pingu cartoon.

Many kids today don’t know what it felt like being born a 90s baby. I grew up watching an animated TV series that aired on UTV. It was called Pingu.

Yes, you heard me it was the better version of UBC, may it rest in peace. However, the death of UTV is a story for another time.

Tony Wolf real names Antonio Lupatelli, the genius behind the global children’s TV series, “PINGU.” A noot noot sound making penguin passed on.

Born in Busseto, Italy in 1930, Lupatelli brought the Pingu comics to printing page which was later adapted into a children’s animated series in 1990 by German-Swiss born animator, Otman Gutmann, which won a BAFTA award with several published titles.

Best known for his fairy tale creations featuring dragons, gnomes and other mystical creatures in Fairy Tarot cards, in 1980, Wolf wrote and illustrated The Woodland Folk Series.

Lupatelli’s death comes as shock to many who remember the brain behind the funny looking Pingu. Our hearts go out to his family. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

Source: Newslibre

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