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24 Legacy Canceled After First Season


24 Legacy won’t be airing again as Fox has decided to pull the plug on the show but it doesn’t mean it may be the last we see of the 24 franchise.

Fox has opted not to renew the latest installment in the 24 franchise for a second season but there are rumors that the producing studio, 20th TV and producers Howard Gordon and Brian Grazer are gearing up for another 24 franchise.

The 24: Legacy show was a reboot of the original Fox series which brought in a set of new characters and cast, led by Corey Hawkins, Miranda Otto and Jimmy Smits.


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The reason Fox gave for cancelling the show was because Hawkins is on Broadway in Six Degrees of Separation, which meant his schedule didn’t allow for a second installment of 24: Legacy  according to Fox chairman Gary Newman.

24 Legacy Canceled after First Season - Spur Magazine

24 Legacy Canceled after First Season – Spur Magazine

Despite the show’s low number of ratings, it was praised by Fox’s executives who said,“We were so happy with the creative on that show,” Fox chairman Dana Walden said. “We think Corey Hawkins did a great job — replacing Jack Bauer was no easy feat.

However, there are still reports circulating around that Fox may still want another franchise and are having talks with Gordon to see where the franchise perhaps could go next.

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