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Chris Brown Wishes Rihanna’s Mom a Happy Birthday

Chris Brown shared some love for Rihanna’s mother, Monica Braithwaite for her 57th birthday that was on April 6th.

This raised several people’s suspicions that separated couple are in touch.

RiRi’s mom posted an adorable Instagram on April 6th in honour of her special day.

“Thank God today for 57 years. The best thing about today is being blessed with love from all you guys. You make it so special. Love you”


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Chris brown commented on Monica’s post with “HAPPY BDAY ” and a red heart emoji.

Rumours have been flying for the past few months about the pair being in touch and that Chris may have started talking to Rihanna again.

Rihanna’s friends want the singer to distance herself from Chris Brown and think about what he did to her, she needs to move forward not backwards.

Chris Brown Wishes Rihanna’s Mom a Happy Birthday 1

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