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TVO Plots Ugandan Revolution Against Museveni’s Regime

The parody resistance account Tom Voltaire Okwalinga known as TVO on Facebook has sent a message around Whatsapp alerting and recruiting people to unite and prepare for a the start of a revolution on 18th April, 2017.

He sent a computerised voice note recorded in an American accent on 6th April, 2017 on Whatsapp that starts with a classic National Anthem to incite nationalistic values in followers and listeners.

According to TVO’s Facebook page, a committee for the April Revolution has been formed which will be called ARC and will start on Monday 10th with local leadership teams in all districts ad then the locations for the actions will start on 18th April, 2017.

TVO April Revolution Committee 2017 Uganda - Spur Magazine
TVO Facebook post about the April Revolution Committee 2017 Uganda – Spur Magazine

He directly speaks against President Museveni’s government which came to power 31 years ago and the promises or values it has failed to keep.

TVO speaks about the current broken state of the economy, corruption, unemployed youth, poor planning, excessive spending, delayed public servant salaries, police brutality, persecutions and terrible health services.

The unresolved killings in Kasese don’t miss on the list, he goes on to say the regime even promoted those in the security forces that apparently did the killing there, buying Russian jets when more pressing issues remain unresolved and the many people who are dying of starvation in the development we have reached as people in government spend tax payers’ money.

There is a mention of the girls who lack access to sanitary pads and thus have to dodge school during their periods, this might be related to the recent clash and feud of the First Lady, Janet Museveni and Dr. Stella Nyanzi after the latter donated sanitary pads to girls in schools.


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TVO goes to give much sceptical confidence that people shouldn’t worry and he welcomes the security forces to join them so that they are protected when the revolution is done and peaceful legitimate transition of leaders is complete.

The April Revolution is expected to include sit down strikes, walk protests and boycotts that will last for more than a week.

This audio and message to the people poses a lot of loopholes; what if security foils the operation since the details are already public? What happens when things turn violent? Will people even turn up?

It is quite plausible that TVO is well connected since he has chosen April, a month that is seeing many uprisings around the world and when global eyes are on South Africa at the moment where people plan to protest until Zuma leaves.

TVO on South African Protests - Spur Magazine
TVO Facebook on South African Protests – Spur Magazine

This focus on the African continent might be used to drive international attention to the Ugandan protests.

Stay safe and let’s watch the space, as always we’ll keep you updated.


Download the Full Audio (877kb).


TVO Plots Ugandan Revolution Against Museveni's Regime 1

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