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Feffe Bussi Could Have Done Better With The Toto Tonkyawa Song


Ever since Feffe Bussi first tried his hand at singing rather than rapping, more especially in 2019’s Love Yoo song, he has seemingly gotten hooked to it and he has increasingly preferred it to the rapping.

After outing Onkuba earlier this year, and the more ragga themed Romantic a couple of months ago, which by the way also involved him singing the hook, he now returns with Toto Tonkyawa. One thing you might notice is the retro continentally the song radiates, courtesy of the neo-Afro beats that comprise it’s instrumental.

Those elements are contrasted with the thumping Caribbean style bass, along with a mid-tempo beat, all of which combine to infuse it with much-needed modernity.

The lyrics are honestly disappointing, especially when one recognises the fact that Feffe Bussi earned much of his reputation because of his rhyming and wordplay, those attributes are present in this jam but in small quantity.

Much of it, especially in the third verse, is him simply putting rhyming words upon the beat plainly though, an attempt to make sense of them might not end very successfully for anyone who tries to find meaning in the track.

Toto Tonkyawa by Feffe Bussi has an irresistible chorus but truth is, it is just another kidongo song

But then again, this is nothing beyond a kidongo song. Its entire DNA screams of a club banger rather than a song you’ll put on replay through your earphones. On that account, it will definitely get you moving but that’s literally all it will do.

Though the chorus is irresistible, if this song becomes the hit I anticipate it to, expect it to quickly turn into a sing-along staple mainly because of its delightfully simplistic nature.

It’s also key to note that this whole song is a sample fest, right from the lyrics to the melodies, and instrumentation. The intro is lifted from Davido’s Assurance, while the outro pays homage to the 2019 Wizkid and Olamide collaboration Totori.

In the end, Fefe Bussi does a decent job frying all those ingredients in one pan and the result is an appetizing, if not exactly tantalising serving.

Listen to Toto Tonkyawa – Feffe Bussi


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