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Deepwater Horizon 2016 Movie Review

Mark Wahlberg does not disappoint, he acted as Chief Electronics Technician Mike Williams, a crew member of the Deepwater Horizon drilling oil rig off the Gulf of Mexico.

Deepwater Horizon is based on real life events where a BP (British Petroleum) funded oil rig had an accidental breakdown and explode d causing the biggest oil spill and incident in history.

The effects of the incident have been recorded to have been so catastrophic with the oil spreading to several beaches and shores around the world, so much marine life died and more than 11 people were recorded dead with several injured before the rig was permanently sealed off.

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The details around the cause and factors that led to the incident are shrouded in mystery, however that is what this movie by Peter Berg is trying to help shed some light on.

Deepwater Horizon is a very beautiful and amazing film, it will have you in suspense even when you know some of the outcomes, this is partly cause of Mark Wahlberg’s great character play of Mike.

You will definitely love this flick, I learned a whole lot more about oil, oil rigs, BP, how it is drilled, Deepwater Horizon and some of the things that happened.

Deepwater Horizon 2016 Movie - Spur Magazine

Director: Peter Berg
Cast: Mark WahlbergKurt RussellDouglas M. Griffin
Screenwriter: Matthew Michael Carnahan, Matthew Sand
Producers: Mark Wahlberg, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Mark Vahradian, David Womark
Companies: Participant Media Di Bonaventura, Pictures Closest to the Hole, Productions Leverage Entertainment, Summit Entertainment, Lionsgate Films
Release Dates: September 13, 2016 (TIFF); September 30, 2016 (United States)
Spur Magazine Rating: 7/10

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