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Gerald Butler to Feature in Another Olympus Has Fallen Movie Titled ‘Night Has Fallen’

Gerard Butler isn’t giving up yet on his role as Agent Banning, as he will be returning to the big screen for the Olympus Has Fallen franchise, making it the fourth instalment. It will be titled, ‘Night Has Fallen’.

We are not sure whether Butler will reprise his role as agent Banning this time around, but it seems Olympus Has Fallen 4 will have some changes and twists to it giving the character a much wider role in the franchise.

Antoine Fuqua’s Olympus Has Fallen started in 2013, and from that moment on, it has spanned out into a successful franchise which sees Scottish actor Gerard Butler take the lead role as a secret service agent who does whatever it takes to save the United States president.

According to Screen Rant, Butler has been confirmed for the fourth movie after being the lead actor in both London Has Fallen and Angel Has Fallen. In those two movies, Butler stars as Mike Banning, a Secret Service agent who becomes the main focus of a political conspiracy.

In the first instalment, Mike Banning fights off a group of North Korean terrorists who somehow manage to do a successful attack against the White House, in the nation’s capital Washington DC – taking over the building and holding the president and his adviser’s hostage in the crisis.

However, Mike saves the day with his lethal skill set, defeating the terrorists and recusing the president too in the process. In the second film, Banning protects global leaders from Pakistani terrorists at a London funeral while in the third, he reunites with his father after being wrongfully accused of plotting the U.S. president’s assassination.

Well, Gerald Butler (Mike Banning) has had some tough calls during his time in the Oval Office and has managed to pull through every single one of them. He also does so alongside Morgan Freeman, who stars in each film as politician Allan Trumbull.

Gerald Butler to feature in the next Olympus Has Fallen movie

The Olympus Has Fallen franchise has been a successful hit, making millions at the box office and it’s with no surprise that they already planning for a fourth one soon.

Butler has surely established himself as a viable action star, and he has done it again and again in movies like Law Abiding Citizen, Dracula 2000, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life, Beowulf & Grendel, and 300.

The Night Has Fallen release date hasn’t been revealed yet but it is expected to drop in 2022, with screenwriter Robert Kamen and director Ric Roman Waugh making a return for the fourth instalment. Their previous collaboration, Angel Has Fallen, earned nearly $150 million at the box office – a smaller number than each of the first two films.

The official synopsis for the film hasn’t been released either and we hope we get to see more of Banning’s relationship with his father Clay, as they were both an entertaining duo in Angel Has Fallen. So far, only Butler has been confirmed for Night Has Fallen and Morgan Freeman is likely to return as Allan Trumbull – the President of the United States who survives an assassination attempt in the third film.


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Gerald Butler to Feature in Another Olympus Has Fallen Movie Titled ‘Night Has Fallen’ 1

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