An Afro Pop Experience Reimagined: Joshua Baraka Aims High In New EP ‘Watershed’ | Spurzine

An Afro Pop Experience Reimagined: Joshua Baraka Aims High In New EP ‘Watershed’


Joshua Baraka is not ready to hang up his cape yet as the talented Ugandan musician recently released his ‘Watershed’ EP which has come to be defined as an R&B and Afro-pop experience reimagined that truly showcases his strong vocal powres and unique lyrical style which has set him apart from the rest.

Having released “I Do” which is one of his best releases this year, the singer, producer and recording artist has proven that he has what it takes to not only sound different but also produce compelling, story-driven music that speaks deeply to the soul.

‘‘Watershed’ is an interlude; that breath right before you run. So much has happened between my first project and now. Music has always been my safe space, it’s where I ran to and the best way I express myself. In a time of pressure, my pen and melodies are all that has kept me sane. Through this project, I hope other people are encouraged to face their fears too as they transition to better versions of themselves. I don’t make technically perfect songs because nothing is perfect and so this is a project full of broken pieces. Each song represents different feelings of different parts of the journey between my first project and now.” – Joshua Baraka

The five-track EP could be one of the best Afro-pop releases to come out of Uganda this year, holding true to its R&B and Afro-infused rhythm and sound that leaves the listener deeply enchanted and connected to the well-written lyrical content that Baraka puts forward in this beautifully produced masterpiece.

The Watershed EP offers an amazing listening experience that jumps right into the groove, introducing the listener to songs like Angel of Mine, Mama I Made It (featuring Lagum the Rapper), then sending you on a deep and reflective ride as your ears tune in to the gentle sounds and instrumental vibes of Next to You and Run (featuring Izabelug) and finally closing off with You to conclude the album.

The entire EP feels like a self-reflective journey, telling a story filled with so many emotions, trials and experiences that we face every day in our own lives as we try to hold onto the pieces we have left. Watershed may not be perfect but it is definitely an album worth listening to.

Joshua Baraka Seals Off the Year with His Impressive Watershed EP

An Afro Pop Experience Reimagined: Joshua Baraka Aims High In New EP ‘Watershed’ | Spurzine

Joshua Baraka wrote the entire album connecting to different experiences that he himself had experienced including those dear to him like family and friends. The EP sheds light on loneliness, love, family and growth. For instance, songs like Next to You have a deep story behind them.

“This is a song about loneliness. It is possible to be surrounded by so much love and still feel alone; laugh in public and yet cry alone. I wrote this to remind myself and plenty of people that feel the same way that we are not alone. We should accept the love we have been offered by the people around us. A lot of times we leave what we’ve got around us in the search of what we can’t attain. You’ve got all the love you need right next to you,” says Baraka.

When it comes to family, Baraka does a great job expressing what it means to have a mother that cares dearly about you and he does it so well in his song Angel of Mine. He goes forward to explain further where he drew inspiration when writing the song:

“I’ve not been able to talk to my mum as much as I did before. On a night out I had a conversation with a stranger about my parents which made me realize how much I miss my mum. I was writing a love song at the time and the more I wrote the more I thought of my mum and dad instead. This is a letter to her to tell her how much she means to me. It can be a letter to any Angel of yours too. Who is your Angel?” – Joshua Baraka

Having joined the music scene just a few years ago, Joshua Baraka has stepped up his game and has grown to become one of the most respected music artists in his genre. Growing up in Kawempe, the Belinda singer, with a voice nurtured by the church, continues to win over many hearts with his fresh and authentic sound. Every song is different from the one before and he promises he will continue serenading his fans for as long they continue to want music from him.

An Afro Pop Experience Reimagined: Joshua Baraka Aims High In New EP ‘Watershed’ | Spurzine

The Watershed EP is out and available online


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