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Sheebah & Chance Nalubega’s Kale Maama Video Tells a Story of Love and Hate


We are glad to see Chance Nalubega return to the screen and more so with Sheebah Karungi in their recent video release of Kale Maama, which is surprisingly an inspirational music video that tells a story of love and hate.

Kale Maama was directed by Director PEST with the audio done by Artin Pro under production house Grate Films. The music video starts off with a classic tune sang by Sheebah saying; all that she wants is ‘another baby’ while reminiscing about her old love. The song itself delivers an Afro Beat vibe and a few upbeat instruments.

Chance Nalubega plays the role of a mother who has teamed up with her daughter (Sheebah) against the man that treated her badly and left her pregnant without support and care. Throughout the music video, you find yourself thrown into a story of a young woman who once loved her man dearly only to be left alone in the end as a single mother struggling to raise her child.

We also get to see the different stages of Sheeba’s relationship with her man from the honeymoon phase when they were so in love to the point where the partner becomes abusive and leaves her pregnant. Aside from that, the music video showcases the attempts made by the man to try and win her back but is only met with disdain and hate for all the mistreatment he did to her and being an absent father.

The Kale Maama music video tries to show what women go through and the kinds of struggles they face in relationships and single motherhood. There’s an interesting scene in the video that shows it well when Sheebah herself refuses to settle for less and sends the guilted ex-lover away with his meaningless gifts.

Kale Maama shares a powerful message about women wanting better for themselves and taking a stance against abusive relationships. The video itself isn’t a club banger but more of an inspirational video.

The collaboration between Chance Nalubega and Sheebah Karungi was definitely a good fit and we hope the two get to collaborate more in other projects in the near future. What are your thoughts on the Kale Maama video? We would love to hear your opinions.

Watch Sheebah x Chance Nalubega – Kale Maama video

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