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Grenade and Lydia Jazmine Drop Sultry Music Video ‘Feeling’


Nearly after a month when the audio was first released, Grenade Official alongside Lydia Jazmine surprised their fans over the weekend when they dropped the music video for their love ballad ‘Feeling’.

Those that have been fans of Grenade Official for a while now must know that his biggest strengths are in doing music centred around love. You could say he is more of an Afro Beat and RnB music artist which makes perfect sense for him to team up with Lydia Jazmine.

The Feeling music video which was directed by Aaronaire takes place in what seems like a bar setting and doesn’t shy away from the usual boy meets girl romance. The video itself is surprisingly well done and matches with the lyrical content. In one of the scenes, Grenade is seen hanging out with his friends when suddenly Jazmine walks in and catches his attention.

Grenade takes the opportunity to jump on stage and perform in a bid to impress Jazmine. She later joins him on stage and both start to sing together about their love for one another as things get heated up since the two can’t seem to keep their hands off each other probably because of the feeling that they’re singing about.

Though the visuals of the video were quite good, there were scenes that could have done better more so when it came to acting. For example, the part when Grenade and Jazmine get on stage. The entire scene seemed so plastic and robotic in nature.

Aside from that, there isn’t anything quite unique about the video itself other than the fact that it’s another Afro-Beat song featuring two popularly known music artists. However, the collaboration between Grenade and Lydia Jazmine shows that the two can do well and even better if they keep it up.

Watch Grenade and Lydia Jazmine getting cosy and romantic in their latest video release, ‘Feeling’

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