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UG’s Top Female Hip Hop Artists of 2020

Uganda has been known for being a country with lots of talented people and the same can be said for the music industry, and more so the Hip Hop stage.

When someone asks about Hip Hop in Uganda, you will hear the usual names like Navio, GNL Zamba, The Mith, Flex D’Paper and a few others, which by the way are all male dominant. But when it comes to naming those that are female, things can get a little dodgy.

However, that’s not really the case as UG definitely has one of the best female MCs and rappers within East Africa representing the Hip Hop industry. In most cases, some of the artists we are about to name today could be considered mainstream while others underground.

Now that we have that covered, below is the list of the top female Hip Hop artists in Uganda today;

Uganda’s top female rappers

8. Ella Tyga

Ella Tyga is not only a rapper but also an Afro Beat artist whose passion for music started when she was still very young. Her desire to jump into the industry started while still in high school, in 2014 where she participated in various rap battles.

It was from this experience she decided to take her passion further by getting into the hip hop scene where she started to make a name for herself. She has collaborated with other artists on different projects such as Omii5t, Mr Brizzy and Cuz under SilentHil Corner with two songs under name one being ‘Karate’ and the other ‘Zinira Kuguno’.

UG’s Top Female Hip Hop Artists of 2020 | Spurzine
Ella Tyga

7. Vkaycee

Vkaycee has been around the scene for a while and even though she hasn’t been so active she still has what it takes to be the best in hip hop. The young female rapper is an artist, actress, and activist.

She often raps in either English or Swahili and commands both languages with style and flair and her best recent song is ‘Bad’ where she features with top rappers like Tushi Polo, Lady Slyke, Ella Tyga, Kvan and others.

UG’s Top Female Hip Hop Artists of 2020 | Spurzine

6. Kween G

UG’s Top Female Hip Hop Artists of 2020 | Spurzine
Kween G

Kween G (Kibone), is a Ugandan rapper based from Australia who has toured extensively throughout the country on various festivals and club circuits alongside her original Hip Hop duo KillaQueenz and released an album titled ‘Sistarhood’ through Central Station Records in 2009.

On the Sistarhood album, Kween G features high profile local artists such as Spit Syndicate, Ru C.L., Vida Sunshyne, Lady Chann from London and Buff1 from Detroit.

Over the past two years, Kween G has been working on a musical project that resulted in her debut solo album, Out of Exile, inspired by her journey from Uganda to Australia. The album is infused with the sounds of afro beat, hip hop & dancehall. It features musical compositions from the well-respected Ugandan artists.

Kween G has some serious raw and deep hip hop songs that command respect, a meaningful message and hard-hitting beats. Some of her best songs inlcude ‘Funa Chi Cho’, ‘Speak Up’

5. Keko

Jocelyne Tracy also known by her stage name Keko, is among the most prominent female rappers to ever hit the music scene in 2011. She is well known for her raw talent and lyrical style taking several projects and collaborations with artists likes Byg Ben Sekuya, Navio, and Brig Trill and many more.

However, she has been out of action for a long while now since she moved to Canada a few years ago. From that moment on, Keko has completely disappeared from the scene with little or no information about her current status as a rapper. Her best hits include ‘Let Me Go’, ‘Make You Dance’, ‘How We Do It’, ‘Tear Drops’, and ‘Mutima’.

UG’s Top Female Hip Hop Artists of 2020 | Spurzine

4. Tushi Polo

Tushi Polo is just one of those other underrated underground artists. She has mastered her craft in hip hop since the age of 7. She won the End of the Weak mic female challenge in 2013, and also took part in the hip-hop boot camp where she emerged out a hip hop queen in 2014.

Tushi is well known for her woman empowerment song, ‘Woman’ that describes the daily struggles of African women, and its the track that brought her to fame due to its mature lyrical content and delivery. She has also performed on other platforms like Hip Hop Unplugged, Next Level Hip Hop UG, and many others.

Tushi Polo UG’s Top Female Hip Hop Artists of 2020 | Spurzine
Tushi Polo

Some of Tushi Pol’s best songs include ‘UG’s Most Wanted (Chapter One)’ where she collaborates with Byg Ben Sukuya, Tucker HD, J-Wats & Play 01, ‘Drop It’, ‘Ke’kaseera’, ‘Bad’, and ‘Want You Back (featuring Draei).

3. Recho Rey

For the past two to three years, Recho Rey has really stepped up to the scene, dominating music charts with her catchy hip hop lyrical content and crazy vibe. She is popularly known for hit songs like ‘Teli Kuzikiza’, ‘Who Is A She’, ‘Kiba Kigwa’, and ‘Malala’.

Recho Rey prides herself as one of the best rappers in the market and uses her catchy phrase ‘Black Girl Fly’ to send a message to anyone who dares goes against her.  She has also had successful collaborations with other artists like Winne Nwagi (Bwogana), Jim Nola (Term Egenda), and Ykee Benda (Bomboclat) that have elevated her music career.

UG’s Top Female Hip Hop Artists of 2020 | Spurzine
Recho Rey

2. Tshila

UG’s Top Female Hip Hop Artists of 2020 | Spurzine

Sarah Tshila or just Tshila as she is commonly known is an award-winning singer-songwriter, and producer that is also ranked at the top as one of the best Afro Soul artists in Uganda. She also uses her powerful vocals to spit out strong hip hop lyrical content too.

Tshila had been living in the US since 2014 and her inspiration for music had come from award-winning artists like Lauryn Hill who inspired her deeply to follow her dream in producing some of the best music Uganda has to offer.

According to her via, “Music can be used not just to have a good time, but it can be used to make a change. It can be used to touch people’s hearts, and it can be used to educate and let them know what your situation is like.”

She added: ”I found that by rapping or rap-singing, I would probably have a better chance of saying a lot more and properly expressing myself on those issues than just singing a melody.”

Tshila has two albums under her belt, one titled Sipping from the Nile and the other World in Crisis. She has the ability to blend rap-like style into Afro-soul with some of her best hits: ‘World in Crisis’, ‘Namboozo’, ‘Sipping From The Nile’, ‘The Way It Is’, ‘Revolution Now!’

1. Lady Slyke

Regarded as the “The Queen of Hiphop” by The East African, Lady Slyke is among the best in the game. She has been in the hip hop industry since the age of 12, making a name for herself by battling out the best male MCs on the scene.

Lady Slyke was also the anchor of the award-winning hip-hop show Newzbeat. She performs alongside her husband and producer DJ Nesta and has worked with LA underground producer Riddlore to bring to life some really dope music.

She may not be as popular or mainstream as some may come to expect but Lady Slyke is the real deal. Her talent speaks for itself as she is a songwriter, a badass Mcee, and designer. Her best songs include the likes of ‘Nkabongere’, ‘Bad’, ‘Rampampampam’, ‘Marsh Up De Place’, ‘May Day May Day’, ‘Weyise Bulungi’ to mention but a few.

UG’s Top Female Hip Hop Artists of 2020 | Spurzine
Lady Slyke

So, who do you think deserves the number one spot? Let us know through the comment section with your reasons why.



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