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‘Wounds’ Trailer Takes Internet By Storm

Horror movies are getting quite interesting these days with mind blowing plot twists, story telling and not forgetting some good character development. Now Hulu brings to life another original entry to the mix called, ‘Wounds’.

The Wounds trailer stars amazing actors like Armie Hammer and Dakota Johnson who return to the big screen in this new thrilling horror riddled with nasty huge bugs crawling all over people’s bodies as witnessed in the trailer.

Wounds, which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year is directed by British-Iranian filmmaker, Babak Anvari who is best known for directing horror films such as Under the Shadow (2016) which was an extremely good movie.

The film stars Armie Hammer as a New Orleans bartender who really gets himself into trouble when he takes home a cellphone that some rowdy patrons left behind. Turns out there’s some horrible stuff in that phone, and it’s going to have a hand in ruining the lives of him and his wife (Dakota Johnson). Wounds starts streaming on Hulu October 18.

Watch Wounds trailer right here;


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'Wounds' Trailer Takes Internet By Storm 1

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