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5 Simple Tips to Help You Choose the Right Coffee Bean


Which coffee beans are ideal for creating a superb cup of coffee? This is the question that most beginners ask themselves before buying coffee beans. There are many types of coffee beans available thus, choosing high-quality ones can be overwhelming.

Here are a few things to consider for selecting the right coffee bean.

1. Consider the Roasting Date

Before purchasing your coffee beans, make sure you enquire about the roasting date. Keep in mind that coffee is a perishable food product. This means that over time, its chemistry changes. Heat, moisture, and oxygen play a significant role in these changes.

This contributes to the spoilage of this product. That is why you must ask about the roasting date. If you do not receive a satisfactory answer, it would be wise not to purchase.

When coffee is fresh, you can extract different vital products from it, such as aromatic oils. The best time for you to consume the beans is three weeks from the roasting date. That is why most supermarkets do not avail information about the roasting date.

If you buy coffee beans four weeks after the roasting date, the chances of enjoying this product are low. This is because your coffee will produce a woody taste. Also, purchasing products from online platforms is typical today. However, you need to buy from a credible source. Ensure that the roasting date is ideal to avoid buying stale coffee beans.

2. Consider Essential Information about Coffee Species

There are several species of coffee in the world today. But, the two main species are the Robusta and Arabica. Before choosing coffee beans, it is vital to understand various facts about these species.

This information will give you the insight you need for making a purchase. Arabica is a delicate species because it is more prone to diseases. Unlike Robusta, which is grown in low altitude areas, Arabica is produced in high altitude areas.

On the other hand, Robusta is more disease and pest-resistant. Its body is large; thus, it has more caffeine than Arabica. The downside of Robusta is that it lacks the complexities that Arabica has.

Most brands use large quantities of Robusta to boost sales at the expense of the coffee flavour. Further, the shelf-life of Robusta is higher than Arabica. The Brazilian coffee flavor profile is the best Arabica type there is. It is ideal as it is grown in low elevations; thus, the acidity levels are low. That is why it is better to settle for Arabica.

3. Consider the Altitude and Topography Factors

One of the most fundamental aspects of coffee production is altitude and topography. Shade, high altitude, and cloud cover are the best conditions for coffee growth. Arabica thrives in high-altitude areas. The rainforests are ideal because they shield the coffee from the wind.

It is a proven fact that the sweetness of Arabica is a result of these conditions. The best time to pick the berries is when they are juicy and ripe. Failure to do this your coffee will be sour and thin.

4. Consider if it is Blend or Single Origin

5 Simple Tips to Help You Choose the Right Coffee Bean | Spurzine

Photo by Vitaly Vlasov/Pexels

Single-origin is ideal for black coffee because of its pure taste. This bean is not as complex, and it comes with a unique flavour. Blend encompasses beans from different origins, thus delivering an impeccable taste.

Most individuals prefer it because its flavour is more complex. Thanks to the various beans in the blend, consumers can enjoy a pleasant aroma and a good-mouth feel. The blend is suitable because it cuts well with milk as well.

5. Consider the Roast Levels

The roast levels of coffee beans are crucial to the ultimate taste. That is why consumers need to understand the various roast levels in coffee beans. Three primary coffee roast levels determine the coffee brand. That is the dark, light, and medium.

The goal of light roasting is to ensure the natural entities of the coffee beans are not lost. Thanks to medium roasting, consumers can enjoy a sweet caramelization due to a longer roast time. Dark roast replaces the natural flavours and aromas of the beans. These factors determine which flavour consumers prefer.

Closing Thoughts

Are you still trying to decide which coffee bean is ideal for you? There are many coffee beans worldwide. Consumers need adequate information about the beans before settling for one type.


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