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5 Ways to Improve Your Neighbuorhood’s Community Park


Have you ever walked or driven by your neighbourhood park and shook your head at the debris, broken glass, and litter all over the area? If so, you are not alone. Instead of a place, you’d be proud to bring your children to, your neighbourhood park has become a cesspool of danger.

When your gut is telling you to do more to make your neighbourhood park a place the community could be proud of, you swallow hard and start developing a plan.

Continue reading to discover ways to turn a run-down and unusable neighbourhood park into a place your community can use. Not only will your neighbours thank you, but your resourcefulness, generosity, and vision to transform the park will also be remembered.

1. Include an Area for Dogs

Killing two birds with one stone can get challenging when you have a dog. Stopping by the neighbourhood park so children can run and play becomes a balancing act when walking your dog. Although dogs on a leash don’t pose many problems in a park, dogs sometimes become skittish around lots of noisy children.

Several neighbourhoods have made their neighbourhood parks family-friendly by including a designated area for dogs. Dog parks should be fenced in and contain a few amenities to keep everyone happy. Some popular amenities for dog parks include:

  • Benches for adults
  • Access to water
  • Shade to block the sun on hot days

2. Establish A Park Library

Neighbourhood parks are great getaways for a break during the workday. Whether you want to relax and listen to an inspirational message or crave the warmth of the sun on your face, the park is one of the best places to go. Having a book would make your time at the park more enjoyable.

More neighbourhood parks are getting onboard with building free libraries right in the park. These park libraries hold books that are free for members of the community. The libraries are typically metal and plexiglass to protect books from weather damage. They hold approximately 50 books.

3. Add Bike Racks

Bike racks are metal devices where bikes can be securely attached. They are attached to the ground, and bicycles get secured with locks. Bike racks allow riders to lock their bikes safely and enjoy other features of the park or area where they are. Adding a bike rack is a great way to improve a neighbourhood park.

4. Create Area for Tweens and Older Children

Parents are pulling their hair out, trying to get tweens and older children off electronics. Whether it’s a smartphone, laptop computer, or gaming system, more tweens prefer indoor activities. However, parents understand the importance of Vitamin D and want their children to receive the benefits.

Creating areas in neighbourhood parks for tweens and older children gives them a sense of community and purpose. These areas let them know that they don’t have to stay indoors to be safe.

5. Plant A Tree

Making a park beautiful doesn’t have to involve spending thousands of dollars on new equipment. Sometimes it’s as simple as planting new trees. Planting trees isn’t a major undertaking. The supplies include:

  • Starter trees
  • Wagon
  • Shovel and spade
  • T-post

Choosing a fast-growing tree that will be great for shade is vital. Northern Red Oak, Red Sunset, Hackberry, Pin Oak, and others are some to consider.

Adding grass to a park is a great way to add beauty. Neighbourhood parks are taking advantage of the versatile products that lawn and turf companies sell. Neighbourhoods throughout Oklahoma are reaping the benefits of installing artificial grass for playgrounds in Oklahoma City.

According to nexgenlawns.com, your park can have the “best premium synthetic grass and artificial turf products…”. No one will have to cut your grass since it is artificial. Artificial grass is a fantastic way to improve your neighbourhood park.


As you have read, it is not unusual for neighbourhood parks to get neglected. Instead of being a place for family fun, they become run-down cesspools. There are ways to improve the park. These ways don’t break the bank, and many are DIY projects.

Five ways are listed above. Besides neighbours thanking you for your generosity and resourcefulness, they will remember you for the park transformation.


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