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Your Birthday Party Will Suck if You Don’t Do These 5 Things


Your spouse deserves to be celebrated on their birthday. Make this happen by throwing a party that they will never forget. Here are five tips to follow to help you throw an epic birthday party for your spouse.

1. Consider the Guest List

The first thing to do when planning your spouse’s birthday party is to consider the guest list. How many people you plan to invite will largely dictate the rest of the planning process. For example, if you want a more intimate experience, you will need a smaller guest list to make that happen.

If this is a milestone birthday, you may want to invite all of your friends and family, necessitating that you have a larger budget for the event.

Be sure to send out the invitation at least a few weeks in advance. You can also consider sending out a save the date notification if you know that the party is happening during a busy time of the year and you want to get it on everyone’s calendars.

2. Choose a Venue That Creates the Desired Vibe

Your choice of venue will have a significant impact on the mood and vibe of your party. This is where knowing an approximate attendee count will come in helpful. You want to choose a venue that has plenty of space for people to be comfortable. Be sure to consider logistics such as restroom facilities and parking.

If you know that you are going for a more formal vibe for the party, be sure to select a venue that matches this mood. Outdoor venues are great choices if you feel confident that you will be enjoying good weather. There is also nothing wrong with hosting the party in your home. Not only does this give you ultimate flexibility but it also helps you to create a more personal feel to the bash.

3. Start with a Theme

Every good party starts with a great theme. Choosing a cohesive theme will help to provide direction as you plan every element of the party. You can carry the theme through every part of the planning process.

A dedicated theme will naturally provide ideas for entertainment. For example, if you are choosing a luau theme for your event, you know that you will need some Hawaiian music and games such as limbo ready to go.

The theme will also help to inspire what you serve for food and drink. You can choose a theme that is specific or you can go with a looser theme if you want more flexibility in what you serve for refreshments, the decor scheme, and more.

5 Great Tips on How to Throw Your Spouse an Epic Birthday Party | Spurzine

4. Set Up a Photo Booth

What better way to commemorate the event than with a fun photo booth? It is easier than you think to set up a photo booth that all of your guests will enjoy. A ring light photo booth makes it simple and convenient, offering features such as built-in speakers, vivid LED lights, and much more.

The only thing that you will need to do is to put together a festive backdrop and set out some fun props for your guests to use. The pictures also provide a great parting gift for your guests to help them to remember the good times that were had at the party.

5. Hire Help

If you are throwing a large bash, you would be wise to leave some room in the budget to hire help. You do not want to miss out on all of the fun celebrating your loved one because you are too busy with all of the details of the party.

Even hiring some college students to serve drinks or bring out food can go a long way in the implementation of the overall logistics of the event. If you are having a family party, it is also a good idea to hire a babysitter or two to entertain the kids so that the adults can relax and have a great time.

Your Spouse Deserves an Epic Birthday Party

While there is more to consider than these five tips when planning your epic birthday party, these guidelines will provide you with a great head start. All of the planning will be worth it when you see how much your spouse enjoys being celebrated on their big day.

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