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9 Creative Ways to Use a Canvas Tarp and Why You Need One


When you think of a canvas tarp, you might envision a heavy-duty cover used to protect equipment on a construction site. Surprisingly, that’s not the only use for them, as they can be put to good use for a number of things. Canvas tarps have a wide range of potential commercial and residential uses which might surprise you and today, we are sharing nine reasons you may need to get to one asap:

1. To Cover and Protect Equipment

Whether you’re a contractor working on a construction site or a homeowner tackling a do-it-yourself project, you likely have some equipment that needs to be covered and protected when not in use. Canvas tarps are an ideal solution for this purpose. They’re durable enough to stand up to heavy use yet lightweight enough to handle easily.

2. It Can Cover and Protect Your Car

If you’re worried about your car being exposed to harsh elements such as sunshine or heavy rain, then a canvas tarp is an ideal solution. Whether you’re storing a car, truck, boat, or another type of vehicle, a canvas tarp will help to keep it in good condition. It should be noted that it is not intended to be used as a replacement for a car cover.

3. Canvas Tarps Can Be Used to Make a Temporary Shelter

Whether you’re camping in the backwoods or attending an outdoor music festival, a canvas tarp can be used to make a temporary shelter. When used this way, choosing a large tarp that’s large enough to provide adequate coverage is important. Remember to line the inside of your shelter with a ground tarp for added protection.

4. To Protect Your Home from the Elements

A canvas tarp can protect the area from the elements if you’re doing work on your home’s exterior. This is especially important when painting or staining your home’s siding. Using canvas tarps can avoid getting paint or stain on the ground or on nearby surfaces.

5. To Cover and Protect a Swimming Pool

Swimming pools need to be covered when they’re not used so as to keep them clean and free of any dirt. Canvas tarps are durable and will stand up to all kinds of bad weather and other elements. Since they are lightweight, they can be easily removed when it’s time to swim.

You should, however, purchase a tarp that’s specifically designed for pools. These tarps have grommets around the perimeter so they can be securely attached to the pool deck.

6. To Cover and Protect Firewood

Firewood can help you stay warm in the winter, but it needs to be properly covered and protected from bad elements. Canvas tarps help keep the wood dry, so it burns better and lasts longer. Their durability will also help to protect the wood from insects and other pests.

9 Creative Ways to Use a Canvas Tarp and Why You Need One | Spurzine

Photo by Matt Bero/Unsplash

7. To Make a Dog Kennel

Your dog deserves a comfortable place to call home, and a canvas tarp can help you create one. Covering a frame with a tarp can create a durable, weather-resistant kennel for your dog. Choose a large enough tarp to provide adequate space for your dog to move around and a waterproof backing to help keep the kennel dry. You should also ensure the tarp is secured well so your dog can’t escape.

8. To Cover and Protect Garden Furniture

Garden furniture adds beauty and function to your outdoor space. But, it needs to be properly covered and protected when not in use. Canvas tarps help to keep your furniture clean and dry, and their durability will protect it from bad weather.

9. To Cover and Protect a Sandbox

Sandboxes are a great way for kids to play, but they need to be covered when not in use to keep them clean and free of debris. Canvas tarps help keep the sand clean and dry and their durability will protect the sandbox from bad weather. Its lightweight design makes it easy to remove when it’s time to play. The best tarps for this purpose are those that have waterproof backing. If you lack one, you can line the inside of the tarp with a ground tarp. Or, you can purchase a tarp that has a waterproof backing.


Canvas tarps are a versatile and durable solution for a variety of needs. Whether you’re looking to protect your car, make a temporary shelter, or cover your garden furniture, they can help. Be sure to choose the right size and style of tarp for your needs, and secure it properly, so it doesn’t blow away in the wind.


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