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Top 7 Healthy Ways to Improve Your Sex Life Today


Leading a healthy sexual life is paramount for your overall wellbeing. When we get intimate and experience orgasm with our partner, we release a surge of invaluable hormones that have various beneficial effects on our bodies.

However, the transformations we go through with age, chronic stress, other detrimental factors, sex drive, and our performance tend to decline. These changes will inevitably harm our bodies, causing various physical and mental changes.

Once you notice a decrease in libido and sexual performance, it’s critical to take the necessary steps to get back to your full potential. There are many strategies you can undertake to improve your sex life. We’ve compiled the top 7 of them, so you can start utilizing them right away.

The Importance of Great Sex

Let’s first start with the importance of sex and what it brings to the table. On a basic level, sex is a hormone-driven act designed to provide sustainability of species. However, for humans, it’s much more than a means to reproduce.

Sex helps us connect on a much deeper level and strengthens the relationship with our partner. During sex, we release endorphins that deal with stress and increase dopamine activity and oxytocin that leads to relaxation and romantic attachment.

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7 Ways to Improve Your Sex Life

1. Educate Yourself About Sex

With couples that have been together for more than several years, sex may start feeling repetitive and monotonous. However, there’s always something new to try out and learn about sex. Invest some time in checking out self-help information and material online. This method will help you discover new horizons and experience sensations that you’ve never felt before.

However, bear in mind that while the internet can be a brilliant source for a lot of information, sometimes it can be misleading and confusing. Your best bet is to pick up a book or other reliable resources for your research. Health Web Magazine has a lot of information that you can use to boost your sexual life and performance.

2. Try Different Sex Positions

Do you find yourself and your partner going for the same positions over and over again? That’s completely normal for all couples and may work best for most. However, it can be a brilliant idea to try to broaden your repertoire of sexual positions to ignite the spark.

Some positions can increase the stimulation to the G-spot that will help females experience new sensations and orgasms. Looking for new positions will give you a sense of anticipation for the next time you and your partner could get intimate. The result is much more pleasurable and satisfying.

3. Maintain Physical Affection and Practice Touching


Maintaining physical affection and showing care to your partner are both crucial for having great sex. Nevertheless, even if you’re not planning on getting intimate and you’re tired or tense, it’s always worthwhile to invest some time in cuddling and kissing to strengthen your physical connection.

Another thing is to practice masturbation in front of each other. While some couples don’t have a liking for it, others love it. It’s because of seeing your partner happy and enjoying pleasure.

4. Write Down Your Fantasies and Try New Things

Sex is almost all about trust. Nearly everyone has some sort of a sexual fantasy that your partner doesn’t dare speak out loud. However, sometimes sharing it with your partner can make you more intimate and closer than ever. It will help you build trust and possibly experience new sides of your sexual life that you’ve never even thought about.

For a starter, you can both write down your fantasies and share them. You can then consider going through the list and try new things to bring an extra spark to your sex life.

5. Take a Look at Your Diet

What we eat is closely related to our sexual desire and performance. Studies show that trans-fatty acids, high proteins, carb diets, and foods with a high glycemic index can affect male libido and fertility. Abstaining from these foods and diets for a while may have invaluable benefits for your sexual life.

Instead, focus on omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, low glycemic index foods, low carbs, and tons of antioxidants. We’re talking oily fish, nuts and seeds, fruits and vegetables, red wine, berries, and oysters.

6. Stay Physically Active

Your physical shape is equally critical for your sexual life as the other tips on the list. Losing and maintaining a healthy weight is paramount not only for your libido but overall health too. Try to practice sports for at least 30 minutes to an hour every day, and you’ll start noticing the effects almost immediately. Go for aerobic exercises like swimming, cycling, hiking, and jogging.

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7. Minimize Your Bad Habits

Poor habits can also significantly affect your libido and sexual life. Avoid drinking too much alcohol, as well as smoking, as these can hurt your cardiovascular system and harm your erection. Additionally, try to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep every day.

Dietary Supplements Can Do Wonders for Your Sex Life

Choosing a natural supplement with research-proven ingredients can significantly improve your sexual life by providing you with precious nutrients. All-natural formulas like Savage Grow Plus contain researched ingredients that help increase testosterone levels and blow to the male genitalia, relieving erectile problems.

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The Takeaway

Taking good care of your sexual health is paramount for your overall well-being. Now that you have the top seven healthy tips for improving your sex life, start taking action and notice the results almost immediately. 


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