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Why Breakup Sex Is Good And Worth A Try


Breakup sex, just like any sex between two consenting adults, is perfectly okay and normal. It’s even probably one of the best things to do, in the event of a mutual breakup.

It allows you to get a form of closure on the relationship that had gone sour and bitter way before it even ended.

Breakup sex allows you to properly say goodbye to each other, in more ways than just verbally. If you feel you can’t put it in words then its the fastest way out.

Some Relationships Need Breakup Sex As Way Out of The Drama

Also, it allows your last moments spent in the relationship, to be sweet and pleasurable memories, rather than memories of a violent, dramatic or abusive breakup.

You were both mature enough to understand that there were irreconcilable differences in the relationship. And mature enough to step away from that before it became too toxic to both of you.

Try other kinds of sex

Be confident in your decision, and try not to overthink it, or doubt yourself. If you’ve never had super-angry sex before, here’s your chance. Think about it.

You’re not just “in the middle of a fight” angry, you’re “I cannot wait to delete your number from my phone because the sight of your name makes me want to hurl” angry. That can only be a good thing in this case.

This will pass with time. Or you may continue to feel perfectly okay about it. This is a completely normal reaction too.

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