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17 Stupid Things People Often Do to Look Cool


Humans are considered social creatures by nature and we are used to living in groups, which is why our standing in society depends a lot on the image we want to project towards others since it can determine our social standing. In fact, people do a lot of things on a daily basis just to look cool within their friend circles but how often do we ask ourselves whether some of those habits we do are actually wrong or just plain stupid, and appear casual yet they are far from it?

In today’s piece, we are going to share what some of those stupid habits are, and even though they appear as causal to some, they convey a more negative than positive image than what some have been led to believe.

Here’s a list of 20 stupid things people do to look cool

1. Having the last word in an argument

We have all been there where we thought if we had the last word in a fight or argument it would make us the right one. It is such a nice feeling when you get to end it last but truth is, that’s a poor way to handle conflict.

If all you ever do when dealing with conflict is to treat it like you have to win just for the sake of it, then that speaks a lot about your personality more so your ego which means winning is more important than listening to the other person and communicating properly.

2. Going into debt just to afford expensive stuff

One of the most stupid things people do is allow themselves to go into debt just because they wanted to buy the latest smartphone or some designer brand so that they could look cool in their circles and fit in with the “big boys”.

Whether you consider it fashionable or because you prefer luxury brands and see them as an investment, it makes no sense at all if you end up broke at the end of the day unable to cater for even your own basic needs. Get something only if you have the money to afford it.

3. Talking on speakerphone in public

Some of you must be remembering why you hate public transport and would prefer getting a boda or Uber because there’s always that one person who thinks having their calls on speakerphone is okay.

It is actually not polite since your conversations are considered private and it makes others uncomfortable listening into your lugambo. Unfortunately, it is difficult to confront such people and help them understand that they are being disruptive rather than cool.

4. Bragging about working too much

If you’re working long hours in order to complete an important project or you’re doing it at a job you find satisfying is one thing. On the other hand, for those who brag about working more than 40 hours a week, especially at a job they don’t like, it’s pretty troubling. There’s no joy in being exhausted and unhappy with no free time to rest your mind and body.

5. Taking pictures of money

Just like how a good joke does not deserve an explanation same applies to being financially stable. There’s no need to announce it publicly so as to look cool because it’s dumb and stupid. That’s why those who often post photos of cash on social media send a negative image because they are seen as trying too hard to show that they have money.


6. Exaggerating and making bad habits seem fine

Have you found yourself in conversations among people where they get into a competition about who has the worst lifestyle habits? For instance, two people bragging about who takes the most booze, who is the laziest between the two or who can handle the most addictive substances.

Honestly, what is the benefit of glorifying bad lifestyle habits and making them seem cool when they are actually not? Some people think by doing so makes them unique or stand out but it’s actually the opposite.

7. Bragging about being unfaithful

In some societies, someone sleeping around a lot or having several lovers is rewarded with praise yet actually it’s not cool at all. There’s nothing good about being known for being unfaithful since it shows a lack of character and also someone who breaks the trust of others easily.

The least you can do in this situation is be honest and end the relationship, rather than be unfaithful. Bragging about it shows a lack of remorse and someone doesn’t take responsibility for their actions.

8. Hating something just because it’s very popular

Another uncool thing people do a lot is hate something or someone just because it is popular. By doing so, they feel and think that they have different opinions about the matter and it makes them very cool and different when in fact, such negativity makes conversation difficult and sometimes even unpleasant.

17 Stupid Things People Often Do to Look Cool | Spurzine

Photo by Yan Krukov/Pexels

9. Justifying nasty comments

Imagine someone making a mean comment about you or going as far as to insult you and when you react back at it, they then say it was just a joke as a way to excuse their bad behaviour. The same can be said about those who are always looking for the last word. Such a habit is not considered cool at all and people who do that do not often apologize after making inappropriate comments. Always confront such behaviour, because those comments can have significant consequences.

10. Bragging about not liking to read

Everyone has their own tastes, and preferring one activity to another is perfectly natural. On the other hand, boasting that you don’t like certain specific activities may seem strange. Reading is one of them. Bragging about not having read a book outside of school and not liking to read in general doesn’t make for the coolest image.

11. Playing loud music in public

Those who like to show off that they have a good portable speaker or want everyone to know they are listening to music they like so much while within public spaces at loud volumes are considered as a bad habit. One has to remember that when you’re in a public space shared by many others, playing loud music irritates those around you and shows you lack good etiquette. At least, use your headphones or adjust the volume level appropriately.


12. Boasting about not being on social media

Just like those who despise popular trends, there’s not much fame to be had in bragging about not being on social media. Sure, addiction to social media can be harmful and it takes up a lot of time and energy, but not being on them at all, rather than using them in moderation, doesn’t make you any cooler than anyone else.

13. Putting pressure on your friends

Don’t get us wrong, encouraging a friend to pursue their dream or take risks so that they can grow in their careers or make a positive change in their life is not a bad thing really. However, putting pressure on your friends or peers is usually not very nice. If someone doesn’t want to participate in an activity, try something new, or do a certain thing, pressuring them by saying things like “all the cool people are doing it” is definitely not good at all.

14. Exposing internalized sexism

Have you ever heard phrases like “I’m not like other girls (or other guys)”? People who pride themselves on being different from others of their gender and laugh at stereotypical behaviour are no better than those who conform to them. They’re actually exhibiting internalized sexism, meaning they’re repressing and perpetuating fundamentally sexist judgments, which is stupid and not cool at all.

15. Making fun of other people’s hobbies or interests

We are all entitled to our own tastes and preferences but making fun of someone else just because they like or do something that’s different and doesn’t suit your agenda is not cool at all. It is even worse if you do it among your peers making someone feel small and judged.

Such an act says a lot more about that person who is poking fun than it does about a person showing an interest in something that may seem old-fashioned. Respecting other people’s interests and hobbies is a much cooler approach than judging others for them.

16. Boasting about your parents’ wealth

Being proud and respectful of the achievements your family or parents have made is one thing. On the other hand, bragging about other people’s success won’t earn you any points or elevate you to a higher level. Those who boast about their parents’ success and wealth appear more like spoiled children than cool people. Focusing on your own accomplishments without constantly bragging about them is a much better look.

17. Using your zodiac sign as a universal excuse

There’s nothing wrong with being interested in astrology. Many people make their birth chart to know themselves better, acknowledge their faults, and work on self-improvement. Others, however, use their zodiac sign as an excuse to continue their bad behaviour. It would do better to use astrology as a tool rather than an excuse to do stupid things.

So, what are your thoughts on the stupid things people do that they think to make them look cool when they are actually not all? Tell us if there’s anything we have missed out. We would love to hear your thoughts about it.


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