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What Is a Grease Gun and How Do You Use It Effectively


A grease gun is a must-have for any garage or workshop. They’re primarily used for lubricating anything you might have in there, from cars to bicycles, and can be used on other things like kitchen appliances or even doors. It’s also an essential tool for any hobbyist working on their car who doesn’t want to pay a mechanic.

Buying one of these is a fussy affair. You can get confused with so many different kinds, with different features and price points.  Some are more for cooking than lubrication, and others are incredibly cheap but just as effective.

1. Remove the Head of the Gun From Its Barrel

You’ll want to use your grease gun the right way. While this first step might not seem like a complicated procedure, it is important to ensure you do it right. Grease guns tend to leak, and you don’t want to be caught with the barrel of your grease gun in your hand when this happens.

You may have to do this if you need to work on the interior of a car, and the grease gun will be too tall to move around. The head is the part that feeds grease when you squeeze the trigger, so you can use it for lubricating smaller areas like hinges, appliances, or anything else that needs a thin stream of grease.

2. Pull the Rod Handle Back

The rod handle is adjustable, so make sure you adjust it to the correct length for whatever you use. You can leave it as is and use the grease gun on a loose jam. Do not force anything from its barrel when doing this, and make sure the barrel is clear of any obstacles before starting this process. They tend to be retractable and are perfect for extending out the side of your grease gun. You’ll have the extra length of wire or whatever you’re using to access a narrower space.

3. Lock the Rod Handle Into Place

You’ll probably want to purposely do this if you’re trying to access a tighter space. You’ll have to use the locking button on your grease gun if there’s no way to push the rod handle out. Just make sure it’s locked in place before you start so that you don’t have it fall out of your hands or bend awkwardly.

If a bolt has fallen into the barrel, lock it into place and keep feeding until you reach the end of the rod. Because it retracts into the barrel, if you don’t have your hand on it when shooting grease, your gun will be out of commission, and you’ll have to pull the trigger repeatedly to push out some meat or other hard food from its barrel.

4. Open the New Grease Cartridge

You want to make sure the cartridge is firmly locked into its place. If it’s not, the grease will end up all over your work clothes, and you’ll have to stop again to replace them. If you need a cartridge, then buy a new one, or you can use something like an aspirin bottle instead.

When you remove the cartridge, ensure you do not push the grease out. It will go all over your hands when you pull it out and spill it all over your face or workbench. Move the button at the bottom of the cartridge to get it to pop out naturally. Once it is removed, clean some excess grease off its opening and put a small amount into each end before snapping the cartridge back into place.

How to Use a Grease Gun | Spurzine

You want to make sure the grease gun’s cartridge is firmly locked into its place to avoid grease spilling all over your clothes. (Credit: GreaseLocker/Pharmbarn Animal Health Warehouse)

5. Insert the New Grease Cartridge Into the Barrel of the Gun

Pull the trigger of the pistol grip grease gun to get some grease from its cartridge. If you don’t have any, use an old one or empty it and refill it. You should pull about 2 feet of wire through the cartridge before locking the rod back in its barrel. This will allow you to reach a narrower space if you are working with a piece of machinery or appliance that needs greasing.

If you’re using an old cartridge, make sure you snap it back in with the wire or thread through it and replace it before locking the rod back into place. Grease remnants can get all over your clothes or shoes if you throw them out without wiping them down.


You should not have trouble making the proper adjustments with all these steps, but you must know how to use your grease gun. You don’t want any accidents to occur, and the last thing you want is for your grease gun to break in an unexpected place.


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