A Former Ugandan MP Surprises Everyone When He Marries 2 Women | Spurzine

A Former Ugandan MP Surprises Nation When He Marries 2 Women On Same Day


Those who think marrying two women is strange should borrow a leaf from a former Ugandan MP who took his marriage vows to the next level when he wedded two babes at once today.

Once a member of parliament and an MP of Lutseshe County, Bududa District, Honourable Watenga Godfrey Nabutanyi doesn’t care about your opinions on what governs today’s marital drama and decided to tie the knot with two women Nanzala Beatrice and Nekesa Christine in a traditional ceremony.

Many Ugandans were buzzing online about the marriage ceremony with each having their own opinions about it. Some praised Watenga Godfrey for making a bold move while others condemned the act calling it wrong. Watenga married both women today in a joint dowry ceremony.

It is also reported that Watenga and his new wives plan to hold a grand ceremony at a later date at his home in Kuushu Town Council in Bududa district once the traditional event is done. Many showed up at the venue to show support for the newlyweds while wearing colourful gomesi wear as they eagerly welcomed the husband into the home.

“All is set for the twin traditional marriage. Families of both wives have arrived at Watenga’s paternal home in Bubisikwa lower cell, Kuushu town council ahead of the event,” a source told the Nile Post.

Watenga’s ceremony has been dubbed the “twin marriage” of the year

A Former Ugandan MP Surprises Everyone When He Marries 2 Women | Spurzine

Godfrey Nabutayi with his two wives Nanzala Beatrice and Nekesa Christine. (Source: Nile Post)

Referring to it as the “twin marriage”, Watenga Godfrey has surely made a name for himself and so have the two women including their families who agreed to have the ceremony. The reason probably why this marriage has gathered a lot of attention is because something like this doesn’t often happen in UG without parties involved fighting one another.

It is also possible some people are just hating on the newlyweds because they managed to make things work and decided they are better off getting all married. But, those in the religious fraternity have surely made their opinions known calling Watenga’s act disgraceful.

As usual, Ugandans were online spitting left and right, making hilarious and judgemental comments about the ceremony. This is what some of our fellas had to say about Watenga’s move:

Flavia B: “Isaiah 4:1 says in that day, seven women will hold one man, ask him to marry them, that they will buy their clothes, eat their own food but…….Read and finish…So more incidences like these will happen.”

Pedun Flosh: “Lord I pray I never reach this level of stupidity.”

Ayub K: “Those are the few real men left in our motherland. Thanks honourable.”

Derryk: “Now this is a man. Forget about these ladies-men who also wear rings like women mbu married! Real men don’t wear. Congratulations are in order to you and your wives Sir.

Ritah J: “They said husbands will be scarce by 2023.”

Esther K: “This man must prepare his back nicely otherwise problems will face him let him look for man power tabs as early as possible.”

Well, as you can see, people have different opinions about the whole thing. Anyway, best of luck to the husband and wives as they begin their new year in a twin marriage style. 🙂 🙂


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